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Issues with Sushi the Cat

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Hi, I haven't been on here for a while a lot has been going on, moving, pregnant, fiance looking for a new job, yeah its happening.

Anyways three months ago I found out that I was pregnant (this is my first baby) and Cuddles and Stormy are handling the change decently. Sushi well she's on a war path I think.

She now starting to attack Stormy (whos declawed, I didn't do it, and can't really protect herself.) She chases after her, jumpes on her back, rips out fur sometimes, she's just a total meany to poor Stormy. She also picked up a new thing of laying upside down and clawing at the bed, or walking upside down under the bed, or sitting at the corner of the bed attacking it. We have tried that double sided tape for furniture and stuff, and that darn cat either lickes it or starts chewing on it. She's also picked up a new habit of flicking open the bathroom cabinet doors, and letting them bang close. And when we correct her she comes into the bedroom gives the innocent look with big eyes waits till we go back to sleep and starts again.

I give her all the love she wants, treats, play time, and even her own one on one talk time. But because of her behavior lately Stormy has taken up retreat behind the couch and isn't my snuggle bug no more. Or Stormy knows I am pregnant and is haveing her , "I ain't number one no more" attitude.

Cuddles has turned into a cuddle bug and she won't leave my side when daddy isn't home. Of course once daddy is home it's daddy's girl time.

I can handle those changes in Stormy and Cuddles. But Sushi she's wearing us thin. My fiance is thinking of getting a cat cage and putting her in it during the night.

Could her behavior change be due to me being pregnant, and could it change once we have the kid. Or is it her way of showing her independence and just being a teen age kitty?
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You didn't say how old Sushi is but it does sound to me like she being a teenage kitty. Getting into things and picking on the other cats is pretty normal for a young cat.

Stormy may be retreating because you are pregnant. You might smell different and is reacting to it.

Maybe you can find some alone time in a bedroom for just you and Stormy to assure that you are the same person you have always been. Try to cuddle and play with just her in a quiet room.
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Thanks for the reply Sushi is a year old.

Last night Stormy after Sushi calmed down, she came into the room and we had a good hour of cuddle time. Stormy decided to give the baby some attention too, she decided to pet the tummy (her kneeing to the stomach, like they do to their blankets) Cuddles likes placing her head on my stomach and just laying there while I pet her. Sushi is just about a few pets and than it's time to run around the house like a mad cat.
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I am glad you got some cuddle time with Stormy

Sushi sounds like a normal teenage brat
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Well the spray bottle is doing wonders. She's slowly stopping. I don't mind her running through the house like a mad cat because it's cute. She'll do a jump in the air while turning around and out the door she goes.
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