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New too

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Hi there,

Peugeot my 14 month old domestic short haired are new too. I rescued Peugeot from a pound 7 months ago and I cannot tell you how much he has made me smile. I used to be a dog person until I met Peugeot. He has converted me. We live in Sydney, Australia and are looking forward to meeting you all.

Peugeot says hi too.
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I know what you mean about the cats putting a smile on your face. I have a kitten named Nakita that I brought home 2 months ago. She has entertained us beyond our expectations!!

Post pics when you get a chance and enjoy your stay!

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I have a photo of the boy, however it is taken with a pretty bad web cam so is kind of blurry. Hopefully you will get the idea of what he looks like. I'll take more when I can. He was given a new scratching tree/post today as a late Christmas present. It's 3 story so he thinks he's even more of a king now. He loves it thank goodness because it was pretty expensive.

Hope you enjoy the pic (if you can see it)
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I love orange kitties! Both of mine are orange. Peugeot is adorable!
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What a beautiful baby kitty you have! Didn't he tell you? He is the King of the house. He will have you trained soon enough.

We have a few other members from Down Under, who always keep us on our toes. Arguing about which day it is, the joys of Vegemite, etc. LOL

I look forward to getting to know you and Peugeot on the boards!
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Peugeot asked me to thank you for welcoming us. He is a very happy cat today due to his new scratching tree/post and the new toys he got for his late Christmas present. He is kissing me far more than usual today. I guess he's giving me his pussycat thank you. I'll have to take some photos of him on his new "throne".
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Originally posted by peugeot
Peugeot asked me to thank you for welcoming us. He is a very happy cat today due to his new scratching tree/post and the new toys he got for his late Christmas present.
I just came back from Petsmart and couldn't get over the prices of those scratching trees!! For a 3 story one they wanted $250 Canadian. Ick! I love Nakita but there's a limit!

When we get a break in our home renovations, we'll be making one for Nakita probably this summer. At least I'm getting good ideas from seeing these trees!
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This tree was only $82 Australian which is pretty close to the Canadian dollar. We discovered a new "pet warehouse" yesterday and it had the great stuff. We are going to make Peugeot a house to attach to the tree because the ones in the store like that were about $300. I agree there is a limit. Peugeot loves to scratch and his other tree was getting a bit useless so Christmas was a good excuse for some spoiling.
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Hi Peugeot

Is that the Pet Warehouse in Alexandria? We found it a few months ago and love it! We always end up buying so much more that we intended to

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Yep, that's the one. That place is evil. I went in with the sole intention of getting a new scratching post only and came out with bags and bags of stuff. Thankfully Peugeot likes everything but 1 thing so it wasn't too much of a loss.
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Welcome! Peugeot is gorgeous. Three tier "activity centres" are only R399 here - that's about US$35. I have two in my house and the cats love them.
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I wish they were that cheap here. I'd go insane and the house would be full of them. Peugeot loves his so I wish I could get him more. He's funny with it at the moment. Even though he's an outside cat during the day, he still comes back in to scratch, rather than use the trees we have out the back. Too spoilt!

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What a great name! You can never have to many kittyfriends~

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Thanks Patty. We decided he needed a French name because at the pound they described his colour as champagne. He looks like a little lion so Peugeot suited perfectly
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Sorry I'm so late...... but welcome!!!
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I'm later yet, but happy to have you and Peugot with us!
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I was readin this thread a little.
My kitties don't need a scratch post. I just give em an old, broken office chair we don't want and let 'em rip it apart. It's a lot cheaper

-Sarah of Borg
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