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Weekly update.

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Okay this is the post where i am going to update on the kittens, but the updating will start tommorrow as they were born a week from tommorrow.but i have a question,should i be concerned if some of the babies havnt lost the umbelical cord?2 out of the 5 have lost the umbelical cord and it is already day 6 and i have read everywhere that it usually falls off on day 3.Are some of them slower on falling off ,or should i be concerned , thanx.
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i am not sure about the cord, but i wish you all the luck and good vibes..I am anxious to see ur updates.. i think it would be so cool to watch a birth and the mom kitty take care of them.. i never saw it myself..I just get the poor babies that are seperated from there mommy. Keep us updated!
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I had two kittens whose cords didn't fall off until 7-8 days.
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one of our kittens didnt fall of untill day 9. it differs from kitten to kitten.
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This was last week ,when they were born.


This is this week.A week old.

Group Pic.

With mommy

Jr. cuz he looks exactly like my other cat-Male


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Big Boi Jr. again

This is Panda-male

Smokey's "Twin" - Ebony-female

Do i see smokey with open eyes?or is it just me?Let me go check....

And last but not least My little fighter "diamond"(this is the one i thought was going downhill)Female

is anyone good at determining longhaired from shorthaired kittens.if you are take a hit at all of them ,right now im thinking both blacks are longhaired like the mom.Well its not really long but her tail is really hairy and sho are her legs so im thinking she is a longhaired.
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Awwww they are sooo precious And I've had kittens with the dried cord still attached for a week or a little over. If its getting caught in things or they are stepping on it, or pulling on it by accident you might want to snip part of it off so the kitten doesn't develop a hernia and have to have surgery.
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Well they all lost it today lol.or at least the rest of them yea.Is it okay if i dab it with anti-septic solution with a q-tip?
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hey do you guys have any idea on why she would move her babies>? Well just one of them.She moved him into the jar that had a stuffed animal on the bottom.The jar is a bout 1' deep and the opening is at the top and is about 8" wid in diameter.Of course she wouldnt be able to fit in there.It was a good thing i saw her moving it,or else i think she would be dead by now.(i know it sounds horrible)Oh yea and now i took the jar out so she wouldnt put him in there no more and then she moved all of them into my closet ,wich is rreally messy so i fixed it up so they wouldnt get lost, Could she have moved them becase she has diarrhea and she soiled her nestbox?
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Hi Richi,

Your pictures are sooooo cute!

Darcy's kittens are just a little bit in front of yours - they're 12 days now. So far, she has moved the kittens twice, once into my wardrobe and now under my bed.

Sometimes if they feel the nest is too exposed or you pester them too much they move them somewhere more isolated and quiet. I always watch to see where she puts the first one and then move the nest to her new spot. I hate seeing her move the kittens by their necks - some are so big she can hardly carry them!
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They are so cute....Good luck and keep us to see them grow!
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Yea they all pretty much opened their eyes today, and are all hissy!lol.
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As some of you may know ! She moved them to my bedside table ,where i dont understand why she would move them there . I mean they are more exposed there than in the place before and Its way smaller than her first are tha pics

2 Weeks Old:

I love MOMMY!

Whats Going ON!?!


Im Smokey!

Laying down

Im Jr.!

Laying Down

Im Panda!

Laying Down

Im Ebony!!

Laying Down

Im Diamond !!

Laying Down.


Sorry for all the hair that is there I just noticed it when i had finished downloading them.She is just shedding alot right now.
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OOOH! Panda & Diamond are my Favorite
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OOOH! Panda & Diamond are my Favorite
My favorite is Diamond! She is so sweet and never even hisses.Lol and panda he's the fiestiest.he's the one that hisses if he doesnt recognize a smell or something.
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