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How To Use Smilies (for those that dont know) and A Whole Bunch Of New Smilies!!

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Okay, i'll do my best, as hereby self-designated Smilie Expert of

At the very top of the page is an announcement entitled;

New to the Forums? Check this out!

when you click on that it will take you here;


In this page you will find all the posting tips you need to
know to use smilies and vB codes and all that fun stuff

Here is some of what Anne already explained in that above
title announcement:

Smilies in the body of the post

You can include smilies in the body of your post, by typing a special code that the software presents as an icon. The most popular one is the good old smiley (hence the
collective name of "smilies" for all icons).

All you need to do is type This will automatically translate into a smiley picture.

(How come it's not a smiley in this post? I checked the box that says "disable smilies in this post" in the posting page, just to let you see the code.)

Now let's get creative! There are other codes like this one that will add the various icons to you message. They all appear in the smilies page.

If you're looking for a quick reminder when posting, you have a link to this page at the top of every posting forum.


Also, when you are posting a New Thread, or a Reply, at the
top of your page reads this:

Forum Rules:
Who Can Read The Forum? Any registered user or guest.
Who Can Post New Topics? Any registered user.
Who Can Post Replies? Any registered user.
Changes: Messages can be edited by their author. Messages can be deleted by their author.
Posts: HTML code is OFF. Smilies are ON. vB code is ON. [IMG] code is ON.

all you need to do to access the Smilies is click on the
link to them, where it says; Smilies are ON.

this opens the page of Smilies and how to use them; what you
need to type. Here is the link to that page:


here are some examples of what to type to make Smilies appear.

- to get the angel to appear that is exactly what you have to type

that is how they all work, they all have a word to describe
what they are, and what to type to make them appear.

:angel2: - for angel #2

- for the other smile

- for a beautiful smilie

:laughing: - for laughing

- for that beautiful white kitty you love so much Deb!

and so on =)

Any other questions about Smilies just post them here, and
either Anne, or myself, or someone else will try to explain
it so you can understand.

(i'm usuallly not the best at explaining things, but since
a few of you dont know how to use them, and want to, i thought,
hey, we should have a thread for that, so everyone can learn.)

oh yea! Anne just added a bunch of NEW smilies today, go
check them out!

Hope that helps!

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here are the NEW!! smilies







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Wow thank You. I love the new ones especially this one.
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i missed that one, i think, i didnt see it

he's a cutie

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I have to tell you, I am so excited about the new smiles! they are one of my favorite things about posting. they make your posts so expressive & creative.

thanks for the new ones!!!!

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now there are just far too many great smilies to choose :tounge2: they are just great I 'em thanks
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you're welcome!

arent they great?!
airprincess!! i see you've taken a liking to my
favourite guys!! <--- i think they're the best!

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and I LOVE the hearts
they've always been some of my favorites

P.S. I thought that the puking guys were pretty funny!
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yes! the hearts i too! i found them at that smilie
page you bookmarked i found most of the smilies
there actually!

(Anne didnt like the pukeys! so i dont think we'll be using
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i also love this guy :confused2 - i think he's priceless and disturbed guy is hilarious :disturbed

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I don't know when I can use this guy :dali: but he makes me smile and this one is precious and this one
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Blue; Thankyou, I will try again. Maybe it is something about webtv that hasn't let me do smilies.....

Lookit, Lookit, old kat learns new trick at last! THANK YOU BLUE!!!
My posts will now boom. . . .

[Edited by threeleggedkat on 05-07-2001 at 02:48 PM]
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*boost* for MeowMan i know you've asked about the
elusive ways of Smilies, Chuck, so i hope this helps!
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WOOHOOO! I did it! Thinks Blue!!!!
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I see were both posting at the same time! You and I are here together I guess!

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that we are MeowMan!

try some of the other Smilies out! show me what
you can do!
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Katie, you are such an and I am partial to just as every other cool here on the forum.Though sometimes I can get about this stuff, I think that I have finally figured out how to through the steps to do it. Of course, this doesn't mean I'm an because so many times I am a :homer: I have also known to be a little too.Well, I'm tired so I'm going to go to now. Thanks for your help
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okay this isn't a 'new' smile, but one I rarely see used. it's no mystery as to why...what the heck does it mean anyway?


i find it creepier than :pinky:

so i guess I'm going to have to conquer my fears & start using it

:jarswim: :jarswim: :jarswim: :jarswim:
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AP; I interpret :jarswim: to be like traped, or maybe made an example of; like a specimen in a bottle in a lab. I agree it is wierd, but this one :pinky: I just plain don't understand. . . . . of course, my favorite is
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it's just so weird that this disembodied smiley face is floating around in some unknown fluid. the creepiest part to me is that it's a smiley & looks so happy. :jarswim:
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All the smilies are so cute : It makes reading a lot more fun. Do you know if you can use these in regular email? If so how?

With so many to choose from, it's going to be interesting to see how they are used.

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here is a link that will show you how to use Smilies in email
if you are a Hotmail user:


i dont know about other email adresses though, it may talk
a bit about that as well

hope this helps! and Welcome to TCS, it's good to have you

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This is very interesting web site!! You can use the smilies with different emails (But) I haven't figured out how with AOL. : So I sent a email asking how to do it. If I receive an answer I'll pass it on.

It does have a program you can download for free so you can use the icons right from your task bar! So Cool! But I can't get it to work with AOL yet. Never say die, I'll figure it out!

I'll keep you posted. Thanks for the lead to the web site.
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Logan or Blue or anyone; Do you know if there is a way to use these smilies with my e-mail via webtv? Maybe I should contact my webtv help and ask them. See what you started, Blue, ow I want smilies and little creepies in everthing. Threeleggedkat hooked on surfing the web. . . .. . . . . . . . . . . .
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Dear Blue,
You are too cute I love all animation, I really do wish I could learn it but I get so :confused3: I have two programs on my computer but I just don't get the jist of it. Do you construct your own by chance? I was just curious because you always have the best smilies and half of the ones you use I've never even seen on the smilie board...My favorite's: :angel2: :laughing2: and : wow..that's almost all of them lol

Love Always,
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I'm :confused3 about how to post pictures. I would like someone to give me an about how to go about it exactly. But, do I need to have a website where the pic can be accessed from? OK, so I'm being :homer: about it. If there has to be a second site where the pic is accessed from, then where? And how? I would like to post a pic of my own in the WHAT MEN/WOMEN WANT thread.

[Edited by MeowMan on 05-11-2001 at 03:50 AM]
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MeowMan: Good question, I have wondered what that meant, too. How do you get a picture of a poster or piece of art from another site to show up here? I am sure Blue or Mr. Cat must know because they have both done it on past posts.

Does RedheadHon or anyone else who has webtv know if there is a way for us to get icons or smilies like the ones at this site to come up in our e-mails or other communications????
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I still haven't figured out how to use them with AOL. So if anyone has please pass on the info! It would be great to use all these smilies in the email!

I downloaded the program from the web site but it just says for hotmail or Outlook Expesss. Any ideas anyone

I think something interesting has started here!
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hmmm, well, i'm afraid i cant help you Logan or Darlene...

i couldnt even figure out how to use them with Hotmail :laughing2

i'm not always the brightest bulb out there


it looks like you have got them figured out pretty well! i dont
design them myself - i'm not that obsessed i just find
them all over and upload them myself.

you're too cute!

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