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Four Days And $2000?!?!

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I am getting sick of celebrities getting special treatment,00.html

That is pocket change for her! And :censor::censor::censor:! FOUR DAYS IN JAIL for a freakin DUI!!!??? oooooooo What a punishmentGive me a break........
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I don't think she is getting special treatment. It seems to be what the prosecutors have been agreeing to in previous cases.

It does seem like a slap on the wrist but as long as she honors her probation, I think it is equitable.
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Richie was given the option of serving her time in a paid city jail, which is seen as a cushier facility than a county jail.
Again, preferencial treatment. None of us Joe's would be given a choice of facility of where to serve!
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I saw this as well and thought the same thing..????
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I don't think she should have been fined extra just because she has more money... following that logic, parking tickets should be on a sliding scale.

I do think the punishments for DUI should be harsher for everyone, but they aren't. The article you linked even says that what she got is a standard punishment (3 years probation is not nothing), and people can pay for a private jail. Anyone can, whether it's right or not is a different matter.

Anyway I have to admit I have a little sympathy for her, she is pregnant and does seem to actually be repentant and turning her life around... crosses fingers.
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And must we all forget her ex-BFF who not only had two DUIs with no jail time, but tried to weasle out of her punishment for driving with a suspended license? I think this is appropriate and right on par...she got a harsher punishment than Paris did.
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I think her pleading guilty, admitting that is was her fault and her fault alone, helped her a bit to be honest. I think the judge came down so harshly on Paris because she expected special treatment. if anything, Paris taught Nikki a lesson
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You know what? I'm just happy that judges are sending celebrities to jail.
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I'm sure Nicole didn't show up to court late and have to be escorted there either!

Here people get 7 days in jail (can serve on the weekends) and a very stiff penalty for a second offense.

Paris will never shake her "spoiled brat" image. Look how she acted in court! Nicole seems to be settling down. She's not in the news everyday, like Britney, Paris, and Lindsey are!
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Nicole Ritchie also said "I have no idea why I'm famous either". She isn't really even comparable to Paris Hilton (who I don't mind that much anyway).
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Originally Posted by Natalie_ca View Post
Again, preferencial treatment. None of us Joe's would be given a choice of facility of where to serve!
But none of us Joes would be in the potentially dangerous situation of a celebrity in prison. Whether we like it or not, they ARE celebrities and so they do need different treatment in some instances. Prison is dangerous enough without people of interest being thrown in with everyone else. This is one thing I'm actually ok with.

However, I don't necessarily think that celebrities should get cushier prisons - just safer containment in prison.

Also, if a celebrity were sent to prison for something more serious than violating probation etc - e.g. major fraud, manslaughter, murder etc - then they forfeit their right to be treated differently. They may have to be at first for their own protection, but once they just become another number, they should be treated that way.
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