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Shy cat

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Hi there,

My cat Peugeot and I are new to this forum. Peugeot is a 14 month old short haired domestic cat who I rescued from the pound about 7 months ago. He is the funniest, most loving, playful and affectionate cat I have met in a while. The problem is, he is REALLY scared of visitors. As soon as the doorbell rings, he is under the bed and doesn't come out until long after they have left. I want our friends to be able to enjoy him as much as we do. I think he was abused before I rescued him and that is part of the problem. Any suggestions?
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Thanks Vikki,

I try with my mum alot because she was with me on the day I got him from the pound. He's not really happy with her either. He does come out and have a look around but then races back under again. Guess I'll just have to keep trying. He's a lovely little puss and worth every second.
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I've had Opie, since January and, for months, he dived under the bed, when we had company. We let him be and, the last couple of times, he's come out and let people pet him.

Yesterday was the first time that my mom has seen him. He and Ike, my Dalmatian, seem to be put off by Mom's wheelchair.

Just let your kitty do his own thing. THEY like to pick the people that they want to associate with.
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Sounds good to me. He's his own man anyway and sticks to his mum, dad and uncle (who share his house) which is OK too. At least he has good taste lol!
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I moved this to Behavior because it really does belong here. I don't have any great advice for you, my cat Merlin is very wary of strangers, anyone but hubby and I or the kids he just kind of stalks about and leers at them....but most of my other cats are pretty friendly with anyone, except Shadow, Tigger and Pepper, who were ferals I tamed over the summer...Tigger is a little better than he used to be about people, but the other two won't let anyone but me touch them, not even hubby or the kids. I think it just takes time. I am sure someone here will have better advice for you!
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Lots and Lots of patience!! My Ophelia was like this. We never bothered her when people came over, just let her be where she felt safe. Most people never saw her, or just saw a black and white streak. Now she's three years old and is finally getting comfortable with other people coming into her home. The last time people came over (just two people), she actually came out of the bedroom, checked them out, and even hung out in the cat tree which is right next to the couch. Boy were we surprised!
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Peugeot must have know I have talked to people about his shyness!!!!
We have friends from interstate staying at the moment. On the first night, Peugeot was his typical hiding self, but as the night wore on, and he could hear laughing and talking etc etc (it was NYE) he decided to join the party. He didn't go anywhere near our friends and would keep coming to me for reassurance but it was s start. Last night, he actually came out and hung out in the lounge room with us. He still wouldn't go near our friends so I told them to ignore him. It worked somewhat. He would go right up to them and sniff them and then just sit at their feet checking them out. If they moved to touch him he would run under the bed again, so I told them to completely ignore him. That worked perfectly. He still won't let them touch him but they don't bother him. He just acts like he's this big tough cat that can cope with strangers and then bolts when they get too close. He he...very funny to watch really. They are leaving today so not sure what progress could have been made had they been here for longer but its a great start.
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Our cat Austin used to be very friendly with almost everyone that came over. It seems that since his son died a little over a year ago that his behaviour has changed. He tends to stay in the bedroom whenever anyone besides ourselves comes into our apartment. I'm hoping he comes out of it because otherwise he is an extremely loving kitty!
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Peanut, one of my past cats, was of the opinion that everyone, who came to our house, was there to pet him. He would greet people, at the door and jump right into their laps.

Once, I had a police officer, taking a report and Peanut sat on his clipboard, demanding to be petted. I, finally, had to put Peanut in the bedroom. Fortunately, the officer was a friend and an animal lover!
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