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I found a strange thing last night...

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I've started my move to my new apartment, and last night we moved my two bureaus, my bedframe and my bedroom rug into the new place so I have a safe place for the cats the day of the move.

Well, as we are moving the furniture, of course I am finding the cats' secret stashes of toys - fake furry mice under every piece of furniture so far.

Well, the guys moved out my long bureau last night and as I am picking up the small cluster of toys from underneath, I found: three furry mice, one white bic lighter and something else that looked strange and wasn't recognizable until I had it in the palm of my hand and held it up to the light.

Then I saw what it was: A mouse skull.

Yup, a skull. Completely dry, not a spec of anything on it.

I freaked out, LOL! Then I took a closer look, getting down on my knees, and I have to say, thank goodness for brown rugs, because if it had been a lighter colored rug I might have

In a small circle of, uhm, old, long-dried yuckiness was two small rear leg bones and feet, and two teeny front feet. It was impossible to see what color the fur had been, and there was no sign of the tail.

I think it may have been caught by Ginger long before Ferris became a part of our family, as she'd caught one in the kitchen about 7 months after she adopted me, and played with it until I took it away and flushed it.

So I'm thinking, she must have caught another that winter, and played with it until it died, at which point she smacked it underneath the bureau. It had to be winter, because my apartment gets very dry in winter, and I never, not once, smelled anything bad in my bedroom in the last 3 years.

Is that not totally gross and weird?!?
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That definitely tops anything I've found while moving!
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Thankfully the only mice I found when I moved were the toy kind.
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I would say that is at the top of my weird and gross meter!!!
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I would have FREAKED OUT!!! OMG... I can just imagine....
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Did you give them all a treat for saving you money by not having to call pest control ?
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That is TOTALLY gross and weird Betsy...:censor::censor::censor: eh?
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oh man that would've freaked me out too!!! cats never learn to stop putting stuff under there do they
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Ohhhhh ewww!!!! At least it wasn't half alive I guess...

Finding little feet is definitely gross though!
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The same thing happened to my sister and brother-in-law. They were putting in a new bedroom floor, and found the skeletal remains of several mice shoved under the headboard when they took their bed apart.
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It's probably a good thing my former roommates have absolutely no intention of ever moving out of their home, because given A) their housekeeping skills B) their rodent problem and C) the number of cats who have lived there (theirs, ours, other friends') I'm sure there's a hidden cache of rodent bones somewhere in that house ... Most of the time our kitties brought the rodents (mice, voles, gerbils ... the gerbils were pets, but there were *cough, cough* "containment issues") to us, but Oz was/is a hoarder and would go off to hide his kills. If there are caches, they're probably all his.
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That is really yucky. Luckily my cat doesn't catch mice. He wont even go after a bug.
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Given the number of prezzies we are given, and the number we rescue, and the number we see escape, it would not actually surprise me, when the time comes to move, to find one or more such caches. We have hunters.

A bit unnerving, though, if you're not expecting it.
post #14 of 23 least it was`nt alive ....and jumped out at, or on ,you!
I`m not really afraid of mice, like a lot of gals are....but I don`t want them in my house....however, living in the country, we do get one occassionally in the fall...but they don`t last long....and there sure is a lot of EXCITEMENT while they`re here! (I don`t let the cats eat them....they just play, (or should I say "torture" ?) them to death.
The last one got away down the hole in the floor behind the friDge where the water line is....and that`s been awhile maybe he warned his family and friends about the CATS!
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Ewww! That's yucky.
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I found a dessicated mouse once at the back of a cupboard - and this was before I had cats, it had just died in there and dried up. Nearly gave me heart failure when I found it
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Ew...Ew....Ew....Ew. I am done eating supper now.
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When my uncle was moving, my dad moved the couch in the living room and found a complete and well-preserved mouse skeleton. I don't know how it was still holding together. It didn't look like the cats had gotten to it (at one point there had been 4 cats) at all. We still wonder how they my uncle and his then wife had missed the smell. It was unde the couch in the living room, for god's sake!

When I was younger, a mouse died inside the stairway leading up to my room. There was no way to get inside and remove it, so we just had to let it run the natural course, so I know there's no way to miss that stench!

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hehe not at all, i had my cat bring me a couple of headless mice,
and later when we moved we found the heads, under the washer
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The scariest phrase in this whole thread is "under the headboard."
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And yet another reason to dislike moving.
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Originally Posted by SwampWitch View Post
And yet another reason to dislike moving.
Oh, yeah, ain't that the truth!!
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Well, at least the mouse was just bone, and not decomposing flesh when you found it.
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