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Unusual cat colour

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A very nice guy I know through flickr has several cats. One of them is Chewie a medium haired (with a very fluffy tail) I would guess blue mcTabbie or ticked tabby with aqua eyes. They look almost milky blue sometimes.

He can hear just fine and see and everything. Has anyone seen a cat like this before? Any breeds that have that combination of coat and eyes? I know Chewie is a moggie i.e the man who owns him owned Chewie's mother as well and that litter of kittens was an accident.

Not my photos:

He's a spectacular cat. Absolutely gorgeous. I think he'd do well in HHP but I don't think he'll ever be shown.

Anyway am I right when guessing his colour? What sort of genetics would produce that colour combination?
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What a lovely blue mac tabby and I agree that his eye coloring (aqua I would guess) is very unusual! He would definitely do well in HHP I'm sure

I have seen that shade of blue before - on Maine Coons.

My genetics is no way as learned as GK's but I would hazard you'd need blues and silvers (or carriers) to produce the color!
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I suspect there may be some pointed in the background. Tonkinese have aqua eye color and they are out of pointed and solid colored cats (siamese/burmese).

My first cat Mitten was a blue mactabby/white (but really a lot more of a ticked tabby) with deep green eye color. There could have been Russian Blue in the background to give him that kind of eye color. He also seemed to have a silver type of ticking in the coat (another feature of the RB's).

It is very unusual eye color - and agree that if shown in HHP would do well if he enjoyed the shows. The judges would remember that eye color
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Ah good point with the tonkinese mention. I'd forgotten about their colouring. I guess there must be some complicated recessive genes etc. at work in Chewie.

If it were easy to get aqua eyes into what looks like non-pointed colours it'd be common in cat breeds because it's very striking.
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Aqua is a mix of blue and gold eye color The weird thing (and maybe it has to do with the pointed gene on the blue eye color) if you breed a blue eyed white to a gold eye white you never get aqua color eyes
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He is absolutely STUNNING! I love the eye color in combination with the blue fur
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the eye coloring is AMAZING..i just had to comment *wink*
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Whatever you call the colour, I call the cat magnificent! He's GORgeous!
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What amazing eye colour...I haven't even seen many Tonks with such brilliant eyes....
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Oh wow! His eye color is amazing! Goes nice with his coat color, what a gorgeous guy!
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Oh my!!!! I WANT that cat!!! Absolutely beautiful!!!!!
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The only cats I have seen with that coat and eye color are the solid or mink ragdolls or a ragamuffin. He is beautiful and would do good as a HHP!
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What a gorgeous kitty! Of course, I'm biased as he reminds me quite a bit of my Stanley. Stan's just a regular old DMH tabby with probably a dash of MC mixed in. His eyes are a very bright green, but not that gorgeous aqua.

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Maybe the cat is part Somali I see the build and eye stripes of the Somali.

Not pureblood of course but my guess is he's part somali.
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beautiful kitttty!!!!!!!! gorgeous eyes!!
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Originally Posted by Barblynnp View Post
Oh my!!!! I WANT that cat!!! Absolutely beautiful!!!!!
I wouldn't mind having that cat around my house neither.
Verrrrry pretty.
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