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Cat vomitting for the past two days

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My cat Nova hasn't been very well for the past couple of days, and I just wondered whether I should be getting concerned or not.

When he isn't throwing up, he seems to be his usual self. All happy, purring when you stroke him, tail swaying. It's just that the past two days he has been sick numerous times.

Yesterday, I cleaned up vomit 5-6 times, once was a hairball, the other times it was initially lumpy sick, which by night was just watery liquid. All today he has been fine, running around the house as normal, and yet it is now 5pm, and he has just thrown up twice again in the space of 15 minutes. The first time it was lumpy orange, and just then it was watery.

I am doing no different to normal, is he just 'under the weather' or is it time to start getting a bit more worried? I've no idea when to contact the vet about this sort of thing, as after all, he does look his usual self.

Any advice is greatly appreciated.
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It may have been just a hairball but if he continues to be sick, I would take him to the vet. Also, you might try giving him regular hairball treatment or food.
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Cats are notorious for acting like everything is fine, even when they are sick. By the time they start acting sick, they are usually in very bad shape. Throwing up watery liquid is not a good sign - it's possible he has a fever or ingested something that is poisonous to cats. I'd definitely give the vet a call.
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Is your cat eating?
I had a few under the weather but the was only one cat throwing up once a day.

Since your cat is throwing up so much I would make an appointment with the vet.
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While I do expect the occasional vomit pile, repeated episodes like that are something to worry about. I would call the vet and get an appointment for Nova.
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Thanks all. He has been fine again since todays episode. It's 9:30pm now, and so I can't do anything right now. I will see how he is tomorrow.

He is eating normally though.
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