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Daily Thread 27.7.2007

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Well.. Alot is going on for me today, I start my job at the airport at 13:30! and wont be finished till 21:30..... working 5 days straight and on sunday I have the early shift 6:30 am!! Im going to be dead! by the end of next week!

Currently cloudy over here in Frankfurt, had a good snuggle up this morning with the kitties.

About to make breakfast and get ready.

29 More days untill I fly out!

Have a Great Day everyone!
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Ooh good luck with your new job!

It's 5:18pm and M*A*S*H is on. It's been raining in Melbourne for a couple of days, last night there was alot of thunder and lightening which we haven't had in a while. The sky is really eerie.

Time for dinner soon and my baby is all sad and he almost escaped from the house last night! I freaked out!!!! But am ok now *sighs*
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Morning It's sunny here but windy.

Went to get my foreign currency this morning for Paris on monday. Doing some last minute shopping for it tomorrow and i'll start packing
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Good morning

it's Friday!!! finally!

Tonight I'm going out to see the Simpson movie. Woohoo!

But for now I have to get ready for work. Yesterday, all I did all day was make two invoices. Takes me about 5 minutes each. The rest of the day was just staring at my computer, reading the news online and playing solitaire and pinball. I really don't understand why we stay open when almost all our clients are closed.
Ah well, at least I have been allowed to leave work early. Hopefully today will end even earlier.
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Morning everyone!

Been up since about midnight since I accidentally slept all day yesterday. Oops! (that whole sick thing really messes up your schedule ) So I've been painting the dining room and snuggling the kitties. Luckily I had enough leftover paint in the garage... nothing like a free room redo

Here's hoping the check for the sidework I've been doing arrives today

Hope everyone has a fabulous day!
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Good Morning!

Today's the first day I feed kitties all wet with some raw. They used to get 60/40 wet/dry mixed with some raw. I'm going to do this for a week and see how that goes.

It's going to be a long day at work, fortunately we get out at 4 instead of 5 pm due to summer hours.

Only 8 more hours to go...try to have some fun at work everyone .
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Incrediably hot and humid here today. Does however look like we may be in for a thunderstorm later.

Typical day, heading off to work shortly, Friday is may catch up day when I try to get everything caught up from earlier in the week. I say try because I never really get everything done from week to week it just travels on to the next.

The kitties are good, Linus is engaged in the great orange mouse hunt....and Sassy is laying on the coffee table giving him a look that clearly indicates he thinks he nuts for expending so much energy on a hot day.

Have a good one everyone.
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Morning/evening everyone!!

I'm up early this morning, got to go shopping and get food in for the week!! (fun, fun) Other than that no real big plans for the day.

Kits are all good this morning, hungry as usual, and very playful. (I luv it)

Cloudy and overcast skies this morning, looks like we may get a shower this afternoon. (We need it!!)

Hope everyone has a great day and evening!!
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Morning all.

Hubby is off today and I have to work 13 hours. Hmmmm. At least I get the weekend off? Nah isn't much of a consolation since I hate working in the heat.
Gives me headaches. Oh well, another day another dollar.

It rained here last night so it's humid and hot today. (YIKES!) Looks like more to come judging by the sky. Hopefully this round it'll cool down instead of just becoming humid and yucky.

The cats are playful and goofy today. Twig has gone into kitten mode and is playing with everything on my computer desk. Silly 8 year old cat.
Gave Rocket new meds for his ears. I hope this time it works. He hates when we give him meds and hides for at least an hour after we do. These we have to give him twice a day. It is so terrible to see him so stressed when we do it but knowing that in the long run, it'll help him. (I hope) These ear infections are so bad for him. I finally took him to another vet and they were the ones that gave him different meds. Sat I am taking Isis and Luna to see this new vet and this will tell me if I have a new vet or not. Rocket loves everyone and of course loved the vet, but the girls are a whole different story. We'll see.

Oops I'm late, I have less then 30 minutes before I have to be at work and i'm not even dressed or anything! Gotta run!

Have a great day all!!!
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Well it look like most if Wisconsin except where I live got rain last night-grrrr
I was hoping for a break from water the gardens. But the humidty is supposed to decrease starting mid afternoon.
Finally finished painting the garage ceiling-I had to duct tape the brush onto a pole to get the little bit above the basement steps.
So I now painted a bench I bought earlier this year and and going to have a lady do some decorative painting on it.
The local mega dairy is pumping out its manure pits this week and the tanker trucks are making tracks up and down my road-one truck can make 4 trips an hour and there must be at least 8 trucks. So much for a quiet day!!
That's about all for today.
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Hello, I have'nt had a very eventfull day except for I couldn't get my car started while at the gas station earlier. My starter has been acting up. Luckily this nice guy came out and jacked up my car and beat on the starter, then it started. I't overcast here in Elkhart, IN. I think it just got done raining. At six I have to take my husband to work (Oh Joy) It takes 40 min. to get there. After that I'm going to try and rent the movie 23(if I can find it) and watch it with my mom. Well, there you have it.
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