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Happy-Happy Good Mood!

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I've been in a baaaad mood all day (well, actually all week to be honest) and suddenly I was just sitting here thinking wow, for no apparent reason, everything is okay again. Sure, I mean all the unfortunate things that caused my bad mood are still there, but right now, I'm in a good mood and I don't care!

So tell me something good that put you in a happy mood today.
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OH man, I've had a bad day as well.
My husband went away the week on a business trip, and since I have no friends since we moved to another state, I'm so lonely. (with two big dr.s appoints today and tomorrow that are over an hour away, the one today was two hours away in this heat! )

What *DID* put me in a better mood, however, was taking a nice nap with my Pregnant kitty Lily, we were all cuddled up to each other under the blankets in my bed for about four hours.

My cats are *ALWAYS* the catalysts for my good moods!!!!!
(that may seem kinda sad and pathetic, but it's true!!!)
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Um... perhaps I ought not to say it, but... I took my mom to one of her doctors today, and they doubled the dose on her anti-anxiety medication. I'm very pleased for the peace of mind this should give my mom.

And I'm ECSTATIC for the peace and quiet it should give ME!

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Fridays ALWAYS put me in a good mood. That, and I noticed this morning that 2 of the puppys are opening their eyes! I figure they probably all will have them open when I get home from work tonight. Now the fun starts!
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That is GREAT for you

Trout was a cuddlebug this morning...all purring and warm on my lap That makes me explode with love..so much that I couldn't even be happier at that moment. I just love her so much.
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