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We had a visitor tonight...

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and it was a SKUNK!!!

While I was trying to finish the last pages of Harry Potter, I heard scratching on our front door. I kept thinking it was Luna playing with a bug, but whenever I checked on her, she was scratching.

Finally I thought it was a neighborhood cat. Just to describe briefly we have an enclosed front porch with door that some solicitor must not have shut all the way. Anyway, the poor thing was running between the two doors trying to get out (the porch door had somehow shut).

B ran around the back and opened the porch door, but that spooked Peppay and he ran under the chair out there. B came back inside (leaving the porch door open) and I just watched. Luna wanted to watch too so after about 5 minutes Peppay walked to the outside world and I ran out and slammed the door

So yea, that was our big excitement.
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Skunks scare the bejezuz outta me!!!
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Yea, the last thing I wanted was to get sprayed. Luckily my dad and the dog we had growing up got sprayed enough times that I was like "Well if I get sprayed, I'll just take a bath in tomato or lemon juice"

In a way though the thing was kind of cute. The skunk wasn't fully grown yet so it still had a lot of fluffy fur and such.
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Awww...I think skunks are cute. Don't smell cute though! We had a family that lived near our old house, and the first time I saw one it was 2:00 am and we're just coming home from the bar. I was calling "here kitty kitty", and it turned around and started coming to me! It got under the street light, and I was like "ummm...no, go away! go away!"

That house had a dirt basement with one of those floor furnaces with the grate over the top. Well, the two little ones somehow got in the basement. I didn't know it and turned the furnace on. We heard the sound of the furnace kicking on, loud hisses....then this stench rising from the basement! SOOO nasty!! The house wasn't bad in a day or so though. I guess it's a good thing they were the little ones and not adults. I guess their stink glands weren't all the way developed.

But, I still think they're cute!
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