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I'm under attack!!!!

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I guess that night when Miko escape is when all of this started. WE HAVE MAD FLEAS!!!!! I boraxed the carpet and flea bathed the babies but it does nothing!!! there are still ALIVE fleas ALL OVER cleo. It seems to be getting worse instead of better.
There is nothing I can do tonight as it's 11pm. but tomorrow i get off work at 7pm and will be heading to the pet store. WHAT DO I BUY, WHAT DO I DO?!?!?! Cleo is sooooo covered in them that he is RIPPING out his own hair, he has bald patches and he has open sores from scratching so much.
I went to visit my parents for the weekend and came back to a flea apartment. AS WELL Cleo seems to have lost a lot of weight.
I'm so upset and frustrated and exhausted of it all.
WHAT DO I DO?!?! I know it can take time to get these buggers but cleo is in desperate need of getting rid of them NOW! Miko on the other hand isn't too infested and they don't seem to bother them as much.
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May I ask what it was you just treated them with a day or so ago? The only meds that really work are those you get from the vet,such as Frontline or Revolution. And when you use those,it usually takes a day or so to work. The types sold at pet stores can be dangerous and can cause loss of fur and bald patches or even death.
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DON'T SAY THINGS LIKE!!!! I am upset enough. A friend of mine who has cats her entire life told me to get the spot one treatments. so i did. and im pretty sure the bald patched are from him ripping out his own fur. cause i sit thee and watch him do it...

I'm OBVIOUSLY going to bring him to the vet but i work mad hours until monday and don't want him to be like this until then!!!

I'm so upset i am in tears... and he is upset at me because i keep poking at him...
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So sorry. I wasn't trying to upset you! That's why I was asking what you used to treat them with. You can try bathing them to remove the spot on treatment and use Dawn dish detergent to kill most of the fleas until you can get to the vet. If you have a regular vet,you can usually just drop by the office to pick the meds up without bringing the cats in. I know how frustrating it can be seeing them pulling their fur out. I have one that does the same thing. Again,I'm sorry if my post upset you.
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I've got no advice, I've got fleas, too. I plan to put Borax down in all the carpets, furniture, under beds, closets, etc. tomorrow & vacuum Sunday night.
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thanks taterbug, i'm just frustrated is all. I think if i give cleo another bath he is going to bite my arm and leg off!! poor guy...

But i will try it tonight or tomorrow, whenever i get the energy to get back in the bathroom and do it again, plus i dont think i have any dawn.


i am doing the borax thing right now just on the carpets for tonight cause i work over the next little bit BUT i am going to attack the entire apartment with flea rid stuff on monday or tuesday (whatever day i am off) do the whole clean up. wash all the laundry, sheets all that stuff...
I'm also going to borrow my friends shop vac to then vacuum the whole place!!
My apartment will be sooooo clean. I just dont see the purpose of cleaning it all if they still have fleas on them ya know!
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One suggestion, when you are able to get to your vet ask about Capstar. It's a pill that you give that starts working in about an hour and the fleas literally just start dropping off. It only works for 24 hours, but there will be no fleas left on the cat after that 24 hours. And it's inexpensive... at my vet it's $2.50 per dose per cat. Then you can put Advantage/Frontline, etc. on the cat and clean your apartment.
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you can also bath the cats in a flea shampoo too till monday.
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Originally Posted by Liza24 View Post
you can also bath the cats in a flea shampoo too till monday.
Just wanted to recommend that if you use a flea shampoo to go and see if you can find Adams... it's in a blue bottle with a red cap. It's great stuff, we used to use it at the animal shelter.
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The best thing to do is to take them to the vet...The vet has a pill that can kill all the fleas on the body within 30 minutes...You can actually call and go pick it up you just need to know the weight of the cats or know that they dont weigh more then a certain amt for them to get the dosage right...then after giving the pill treat them with frontline or revolution....over the counter flea meds are bad! I treated my cat Tigger with one and it caused a huge bald spot...Im not saying this to try and scare you...just to inform you
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The vet told me to buy the frontline spray, so far it seems to be working..
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