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I Quit!!!!!!!

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I finally got fed up and quit my job today. I just could not take it any more. I went in this morning, and there was the new guy, doing my job, anyway. I managed to be nice about it, but it was really a Kodak moment. This is the biggest, nicest shop in town, and NOBODY quits! They actually have a waiting list to get a job there. The looks on the faces was priceless. It was very liberating! I haven't felt this good about anything in a long time. Now I just hope the cab driving job works out. If it doesn't, oh well. I'll find something. I will not be anybody's doormat any more.
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Congratulations Rebecca! Sometimes taking that step is the hardest thing to do, but I'm confident that something better will come your way. Good luck!

You Go Girl!!!
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Congrats! I know how hard that is to do!!!!!!! But sometimes you just have to do what feels right, and that in and of itself somehow seems to make everything work out right. I sure hope that's the case now, for you!!!!!!!

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Good for you!!!! I am proud of you!!! I wish I had the guts to do that with my job...it must feel wonderful, even though a bit scary, to know you will never have to set foot in that place ever again!!! They should have treated you better!!! You will find something better, I just know it! And hey, maybe if the cab thing works out, we will see you on HBO's "Taxi Cab Confessions" show! Good luck!!!
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Good luck, with the new job. Be careful, though. Here, it seems to be open season on taxi drivers.
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LOL Now that sounds like something I would do! I LOVE catching people off guard.

My last job sucked! It was a human resources position and the owner had a habit of picking employees for reasons other than skills. I have seen comments from interviews such as "husband is white", "pretty girl", "belongs to a church". I was just not comfortable having to work with those ethics so one day when this lady REALLY made me so irrate about something, I took off my key to the building, tossed it on the front desk in front of her and said, "I quit!". This was in front of a client, too. She just really had a habit of making employees look bad in front of people. I thought the old bat was going to fall over!

KUDOS to you for standing up for yourself!
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Congrats on taking yourself out of the stressful situation! Good luck with the cab driving.
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