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Fetal Resoprtion or any other ideas?

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I purchased two cats from a breeder who was closeing down her cattery because of personal reasons. I bought a gorgeous male seal lynx point himalayan and a beautiful female tortie point himalayan. When I picked them up I was told that she was probably about four weeks pregnant and would probably be having kittens in about five weeks. Well, I have to admit that one I felt her tummy she felt a LITTLE round and she had the very pink nipples. Well, about four days after I brought them home I had to bring my male to the vets. He had the beginning stages of FVR. So because my female had been around him and she started to show signs also I had to get antibiotics for both of them. Well, Ive noticed the last day or so that her belly doesn't feel as "full" as it did when I first got her. I know she hasn't aborted her kittens (which is common in pregnant cats with FVR) so I am wondering if maybe she had fetal resorption? Is any one familiar with this?
I'm not sure if maybe she is carrying her kittens higher or if it is possible that she is just not far enough along. She is not in heat and has not been in heat since I got her and normally queens are in heat this time of year non stop. So I'm just not sure what is going on.
Any help would be appreciated.
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The antibotics could have affected the queen. Usually you don't give any medicine to pregnant cats. Did the vet know she was pregnant?

Not all cats go in and out of heat quickly or constantly. My rex queens did not come into heat till months after nursing a litter

There could be more wrong with the cats - what have they been tested for?
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Hi, yes, the antibotics that my female is on are safe during pregnancy. She is on CLAVAMOX for 14 days where as my male is on ORBAX for 8 days. So, that is not a concern. The vet said that the kittens would be born fine and with a high immunity to FVR and that unless she had a high fever she wouldn't have aborted. Besides which, I have not seen any blood or any thing.
My female has had a litter before with the male that I purchased so I know that there is nothing physically wrong with them. I have pictures of the previous kittens and my female. She also has the sagging tummy and larger nipples.
They are in isolation for three weeks right now.
Is it maybe possible that the kittens are being held higher, up by her ribs maybe? If I feel her stomach from underneth I don't feel any thing but when I feel her sides she feels a little full. Not sure. I guess only time will tell.
Thanks for your reply, I appreciate it
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You might want to consider having an ultrasound done just to make sure she actually is pregnant and the babies' hearts are nice and strong. Anytime there is a suspicion of infection, it is best to have at least one ultrasound done. You can do it either now or closer to the time that she should deliver, but at least you will know for sure if she's pregnant and the babies are alive.
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