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Christmas At Home

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I just downloaded my Christmas pics and thought I would share.

On Christmas Eve, we went to my sister's house and had a seafood feast!

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Then, when we woke up Christmas morning...we had snow!!! On Christmas Eve there was no snow and thought we would have a green Christmas.

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Here is a table decoration I made with some fresh cedar. The only reason I show this one is that Nakita couldn't keep her paws off it! She kept stealing the cranberries and hiding them throughout the house. In the end I had to keep close supervision of her royal furryness!

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She started opening them and was quite excited.

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I guess she didn't get everything she wanted because she was looking for more even though we showed her the empty stocking. Oh well, maybe next year Nakita!


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Great pictures - and Nakita looks such a cutie! However, that lobster looks well scary!
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All these Christmas pics make me think we are going to have a GREAT crop for next year's Caption This.

Fabulous pics Kassandra. Wish we had a white Christmas. We had a brown one. Nakita got so into Christmas - How cute! Just like a little kid.
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Great pics! Looks like a nice time!
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Oh I love the pictures!!!!! That table decoration you made is just BEAUTIFUL!!!! And I LOVE lobster! Even though they look like giant roaches with claws (I try not to think about that ) And the pics of Nakita are just adorable!!! I love the one with her tail sticking out of the stocking!
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Originally posted by Debby
And I LOVE lobster! Even though they look like giant roaches with claws (I try not to think about that )
Ick!! Thank you for that image Debby. Thank goodness I saw this after I had digested it!

Now I'm never going to look at a lobster the same way again!

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Oh maybe I shouldn't have said that! I don't want to ruin Lobster for you!!! It doesn't really look like that, I guess I was imagining things! :tounge2: (I do that sometimes) I LOVE lobster and crab legs, and pretty much any kind of seafood...heck I even love Calamari (sp?) and most people I know think that is just plain disgusting, but tastes soooo good!
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Please tell me that the lobster wasn't alive when you did that!!!! EEK!

No..I am not a crazed activist or anything, but I feel so bad when they have to die a screaming death! OWWW!!!!
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I'll bet those bugs scream too, when I step on them...:laughing:....sorry couldn't resist! :tounge2:

I do know what you mean, though...I feel sorry for them being dumped alive in boiling water...why can't they kill them first? It does seem cruel.
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Originally posted by Debby
I'll bet those bugs scream too, when I step on them...:laughing:....sorry couldn't resist! :tounge2:

Debby!!! And here we all thought that you were a sweet, kind thoughtful individual that wouldn't harm a soul (or bug)!!

See boys and girls, look beneath the surface of Miss Debby. See the *glint* she gets in her eyes just before she *squishes* those bugs? Those are the type of people you have to watch out for.....



And yes Carrie640, the lobster was alive, that's why it has the elastics over it's claws! And there is no screaming death. What most people think is a scream, is the air escaping from the shell as the temperatures adjust.

Ok, after all this talk about screaming and giant roaches with claws, I've been put off from seafood!

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Bawhaaaa!!! You caught me! I am really not a nice person at all!!! I am a bug squishing, evil squinty eyed, roach looking lobster screamer eating person!!! :laughing: And I even sometimes (when noone is looking) cut off parts of my plants so the rest of it can grow bigger!!!

I hope I really didn't turn you off of seafood, I actually think a big steaming plate of it sounds rather good right about now!!! Some Big Jumbo Shrimp, (Jumbo there's an oxymoron for you) and some very greasy deep fat fried fish, and some crab legs dipped in melted butter...MMMMMMMM I will have to go offline soon and eat!
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Great pictures! Love Nakita in the stocking and your beautiful centerpiece!
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I knew it!!!!

Your busted girlfriend! And remember in the other thread where I mentioned about my neighbour who was 98 years old? You said I had a big heart? Well, I guess I don't now since I silently am thrilled to hear the screams from the lobsters!!!!

Don't worry Debby, your in good but *sick* company here!!
I'm off to bed to dream of my next screaming lobster plot!

:tounge2: :tounge2:
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Next time, I want to see Nakita and the lobster in the same picture! Beautiful pics- that one of her in the stocking needs to be sent to Caption This!
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Those are great pics! I wasn't overly found of the snow we had - I would have been happy with a brown Christmas if it meant no shovelling! I love the pics of Nakita. The lobster I could do without. Not a seafood fan here!
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I love your pictures of Nakita! The one with her tail trailing out of the stocking is so cute.

And I'm envious of the snow, and your white christmas. That's something we don't get a huge amount of here in the southern hemisphere

It looks like you had a beautiful Christmas.

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