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Is my landlord going to be merciful?...

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I'm fostering an older kitten--Tiny--who was abandoned near my house. I can't keep him, but I can't leave him in a kill shelter either. My landlord has had horrible experiences with a man who had badly trained kittens (he left several thousand dollars in debt, including a carpet that needed to be completely replaced); so he does not want me to own any cats.

Tomorrow I need to leave for work, and while I'm gone my landlord is coming over. Tiny will be, as usual, staying in the bathroom while I'm away (where he can't do much harm).

I don't know anyone who will take care of Tiny, except the neighbors, who constantly let a kitten about Tiny's age out, where she cries until midnight, or until I pick her up and knock on their door. (They say she "gets out" but I really think she is "let out"--almost every night, she cries.) And I'm not sure they would take proper care of Tiny for the day.

So I have decided to put Tiny in the bathroom as usual and, in case my landlord looks in the bathroom, to write a note. Please tell me if this is OK, and whether a landlord might have mercy on me and Tiny if he saw and read it...

Dear Mr. XXXX,
The cat is not mine. He was abandoned in our street and I have registered him with SICSA, which can vet-check, neuter, and find him a home. He has a vet appt. August 7, and will be on the adoption list.

I have trained him to use his scratch pad, and I keep his claws clipped, so he cannot cause damage while he is here. He uses a litter box perfectly and has never had an accident. If he causes damage I will pay for it.

I would not have done this, but the shelters are all full and my conscience would not let me put him back out on the street. i was afraid you might order him put in a kill shelter and so did not notify you... but if you find him, I will assume you were meant to know, and hope you will be patient.
With apologies,

What do you think? Is that OK? Would a landlord throw a cat out if he found it, or would he just say, okay, you better find him a home soon?
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I think he will be ok but he may hit you up for an additional deposit. Your note is very reasonable and informative. If I were the landlord I would give you a pass.
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I would bring him to the vet's for the day, if you can afford it... Usually one day boarding is like $10 or something.
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If you can't put him at the vets for a day I would highly recommend you tell your landlord about the situation.

Everyone has their own way of interpreting written notes.

Pretend I am your landlord for a second, I will tell you how I interpret that note.

You know I won't allow cats in the house and yet you have one and because you don't know what I may or may not say, you have put him in the bathroom with a note. If I find him you will assume I was meant to know, tells e that you are trying to hide this from me.

I think he would be a whole lot more merciful if you contact him. I' not sure about where you are, but in NZ for example, that would be grounds to terminate your lease. Some landlords don't always do a thorough inspection, if thats what he is doing, but since he has had bad experience in the past, I can only imagine he will do a thorough search.

It s not my intention to sound negative, but I really do think you will have a better chance if you just tell him.

I wish you the best of luck in what ever you decide.
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At this point it's 7:30 a.m. on the day... Wouldn't it sound a bit desperate to tell him just before a visit?

I hate this. It's so deceptive. But what else can I do?
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I think telling him just before the visit is better than telling him in a note. You can tell him all the good reasons for why it's not a bad thing to have the cat there and stress that it's temporary etc.

Who knows if you're lucky he might let you keep the cat. Ok that's probably wishful thinking but still..
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I would not risk it. I would spend the few bucks to board her at a vet's. I have moved more times that I care to count, and landlords are seldom understanding about such things, even if they are nice people. I would get her out of there somehow because they might not believe you and be on your back constantly. If the need arises again, you would not be able to help if you get caught this time. I guess this post is a little late in the day, so I guess I will just wish you good luck and lots of vibes that you will not get in trouble.
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Well, I got back from work and there's no sign he discovered the cat.

Fingers crossed.

Re. Using a vet: I don't have a vet--SICSA has promised to do the vet check and neuter for Tiny.
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I dont know the laws about this well, but as long as you dont have something illegal in your house (drugs.etc..), I dont think he can do anything to any of your belongings when your not home without your permission.

If anything, he would notify someone (like animal control) to remove the animal after he states his rules and the issue. But even for that I think you would need to be home to give your side of the story.

If he takes your items that would be stealing, right? Unfortunetly pets are still considered items I think by law.
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I think she was more concerned of being evicted, which he could do if her contract does not allow pets.
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I hope this all turned out ok. Just some helpful advice, if you decide to keep the cat, tell the landlord and get a written addendum to your lease saying it can stay. He won't remove the cat, he'll tell you to move. Verbal is not good enough because it won't trump a written agreement, if he changes his mind...he could tell you to get rid of the cat or face eviction, at any time. I hope she gets to stay.
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I hope everything works out for you
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I don't think he found the cat. *Whew*!

If I'm lucky, said cat will find a home soon... of course poor Tiny thinks he has already got a home, since he knows nothing about landlords. Ignorance is bliss, I guess.
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thats the truth,
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Sending {{{{happy-home-finding prayers and vibes}}}}out to Tiny! Bless you for taking on such a risk - you poor thing, having to worry about the landlord - such stress and yet you muster on That is a TRUE cat lover This one's for you, Callista!
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