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I need help

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My cat just had 2 kittens about an hour ago. They both look healthy, but it doesn't look like mommy is producing any milk. She should be producing by now shouldn't she??
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Sometimes they have milk right away - but what is important is the fact that she's probably producing a clear "milk" called collustrum (sp?) that has very important nutrients in it. It is produced in the first 24 hrs or so and then the milk will be there.

As long as the kittens are nursing, mom seems fine and they are not crying everything is ok
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Well the kittens are trying to nurse, but it doesnt look like there is anything comming out. They will nurse for a second then let go. This is a first for me, so i dont know what is going on or what is normal.
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Hmmm that's not normal. Try gently milking some of the back ones - they are fuller and see if you can get any out of her. If you can, then keep putting the kittens on the nipples that are producing something.

Are the kittens crying a lot?
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One of the kittens was nursing on one of the back ones and she was on there for a while, so i'm guessing there must be something there. And by the way, number 3 just came about 10 minutes ago.
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i can see this post was done a while ago so i will just ask how everything is now?? sometimes its normal for kittens not to nurse propley right off especially if shes still carrying more kittens.
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Well we got up this morning and there is now a total of 6 kittens. They all look like they are doing fine. They have been nursing all morning. All 6 of them look just like mommy.
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aw thats great news, we love pictures here at TCS, so if you get a chance we would love to see mummy and kittens.
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