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Sleeping Spots

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With a nice soft bed just a foot away, one my 3 cats will snooze on top of the dresser. It's not near a window, so he's not looking for the sun and it's not a tall dresser to look down from. It's a mystery to me.
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My kitten does the same thing, she will sleep on a hard kitchen chair over the couch or her cat bed. Its funny how they are. Its completely normal though.
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Mine sleeps on the ironing board! Has my bed not two feet away, but he loves it on there... I put an extra I have up in the computer room so he has a place to sit... of all the pillows and comfy spots I've created for him, it's the ironing boards he likes...
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I'm pretty sure I've given up on buying things specifically meant to be cat beds, haha... Oliver's got a snuggle ball from fosters and smith that's made it back into the box it came in cuz he won't touch it.... he's got a mat type bed that he'll use OCCASIONALLY... he's got a fleece doughnut that he only really uses when my boyfriend's in bed (he tends to sit up and kick Oliver out of bed still in his sleep... he doesnt believe me when I tell him he does this)...

At night, he's in bed with me (unless of course, the bf is there too haha but Ollie still tries)... but during the day he picks tons of places: a bean bag chair that was mine, my low dresser, the bathroom floor, in his crate, under a bed, on the coffee table, on the back of the couch, in the recliner, top of the steps, under the couch, kitchen floor.... needless to say, he mixes it up and I've wasted a lot of money on beds, haha
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