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Innova Evo problem...

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I started feeding my vats Evo about a month or so ago and only in the last week have they finally completely switched. Well, I've noticed that my female cat, Bestia, is throwing up alot. She's always had a sensitive tummy and ever since she was a kitten she would throw up at least once a week. She stopped barfing when I had her on Purina, but that food is horrible(in my opinion) so I tried upgrading them to Evo.

Also, my male kitten has had a bloated stomoch for the past week or so. It's not worms cause I've already dewormed him and he's not allowed outside. He's also pretty gassy.

Do ya'll think this is temporary because I jumped from crappy food to really good food? Will they settle down soon? Should I go back to Purina?
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It might be due to the switch. That's a big change, from Purina to Evo. And, Evo is very rich and a lot of cats just can't handle it. I would try a simpler food, for a while at least.
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Could I maybe mix in some Purina? Do you think that would help? I stretched the switch over a period of about 3 weeks, should I have done it even slower?
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I don't know, I would have thought three weeks was long enough. Were they okay when they were getting a mix of the two? Maybe it would help to go back to that.
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I remember seeing something about this on the Evo website. Look in the FAQ's maybe. But I remember addressing those very issues.
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I think you probably have cats that just can't handle the EVO. It is an excellent food but one that a lot of cats just can't handle. I have a cat that is sensitive and I feed California Natural Chicken and Rice. It is an excellent food with very few ingredients that most cats can handle. There is just chicken, rice, chicken fat, sunflower oil, flaxseed, and the necessary supplements. As long as a cat can handle chicken and rice there just isn't anything else there to cause problems for a sensitive cat. I know meat only is a good idea for cats but I think the rice really helps with some sensitive cats.
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I am with Denise ... try a simplier food ...

California Natural


Natural choice

are my two easy simple and good foods

Evo is ONLY tolerated well by 50% of kitties that try it ...
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Evo is a very rich food, I haven't fed it to my cats, but I had the dogs on it for a while. It made them fat (even though I cut back tons on the amount) dull coat and soft stools. I know a lot of dogs that can't handle it.

I have a cat with a sensitive stomach, and she can only eat Iams senior. It's the only food she won't throw up and chew herself bald. I had her on Natural Balance Venison and Green Pea, but even that she would occasionally throw up (and then it was taken off the shelves). If it's a high quality food, but it makes your cat sick, it's not worth feeding it, IMHO.
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Well, mine eat Evo. Um... I have a particularly sensitive tummied kitty, and in this particular household we've been through a number of foods... and I've tried slowly switching over a one week period, all the way through to trying to make the switch over a two month period, and it never helped them to make a switch. Basically making the longer term switch here just gave them the gas and upset tummy for a longer period of time. And, if I toss *anything* in that they're not used to eating.. even a can of cat food as a treat split between four of them, it completely throws them off kilter.

That being said, Evo is received happily in my household, bright glossy silky super soft fur, high energy, superb health.. but it does give them runny stools every so often... some moreso than others. I'm currently switching them to another diet.. but you might consider mixing in some other food for them.. if you're wanting the High protein low carb no grain diet.. perhaps adding some of the old food back in, or even mixing in something else like one of the other high protein low carb no grain dry foods. Sharky also suggested two foods, and I'd trust her opinion on those ones as a mix in, or even by themselves. I personally don't know either one of those two foods, but they seem to be popular around TCS.

Once mine were on Evo for awhile, the gas factory stopped, although I'll warn you, the poops are enough to knock down all the houses in the neighborhood.
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Well, I checked out the website and on the site it says that it takes cats 4-6 weeks for their tummies to get used to the food. Also, it says to switch the foods over a 3 week period. Sooo...I'll give them another couple weeks and see if that helps.
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