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New Cat No idea

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I got this cat because the nieghbours left her outside when they moved. I brought her inside and am going to keep her. I know her name becasue i brought her inside before they moved and she still had a collar on with her name. Since they moved they removed the collar. She has been declawed so i am assuming that she was in a vets office before. She still acts like a kitten but is bigger than a kitten but is a small cat so i don't know her age. I got some deflee/tick/mosquito stuff for her. What shots should i be looking to get for her? I know i need to get the heartworm stuff as she was outside but she is going to be an indoor cat. This is my first personal cat, had them in the family before, so i just need to know what to ask for.
Thanks Jeremy
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i would say bring her in for a checkup at the vet. since they wont have any idea what her past is, they will be better able to tell you what shots she needs, and tell her age

Good Luck and good for you for taking her in!
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Good for you stepping up to take care of the cat that your neighbors seemed to think was ok to just leave.

I would take her as soon as you can to get vet checked and make sure she's healthy. Get her tested for FeLV/FIV and all that. She'll probably need rabies and DVRCP. She might need to be dewormed and perhaps spayed too.

A vet can also help you estimate the age of the cat.

Good luck!
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Thanks for the replys she will be making a trip to the vet soon.
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