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Sam at Christmas

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We visit my sister for Christmas. She has a little kitten, just over a year old, that she got about the same time we got Sam. They seem to be getting to know each other; Samantha (my sister's kitten) is tiny, Sam is huge. in comparison. Sam is a big fur ball, Samantha is sleek and elegant. Samantha is very high spirited, and stand - offish. Sam is a totally lazy slug - nothing better than curling up in someoone's lap for a sleep.

When we visited the first time, Samantha, who was only a few months old, hissed and growled. Sam ignored her.

Over the months, each visit seems to go better. Last visit at Thanksgiving, Samantha just followed Sam everywhere, at a safe distance.

This time, she ventured really close. He still ignores her, but she will walk all around him. As we were getting ready to leave, he was lying on his bed, and she was right in front of him, almost nose to nose.

And earlier in the evening, I had gone upstairs to find Sam rolling around on the floor - either trying to impress Samantha, or entice her to play.

Here he is mid roll.
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And here is Samantha helping set the dinner table. She is really a lot smaller than the photo appears. And she would not post for the camera.
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How sweet! Sam seems so cuddly! If I were Samantha, I'd want be all over him too.

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Sam looks a whole lot like Peedoodle!!!!!!
Very pretty cats you have there Sammie!
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Sammie, I think Sam is definitely flirting with Samantha! My spayed female is just beginning to make friends with my husband, and she has started doing this rolling on the love seat, of all places. Most of the time, once she gets up there, she allows him to pet her, and she just loves it. Occasionally, she plays hard to get, though, and jumps down as soon as he approaches. Then, when he gives up and leaves, she jumps up again. What a little tease! I think she's in love.
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Yup, Sam's a flirt. And a very cute one at that. Samantha looks to be a real cutie, too.
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Aw, Sam looks so soft and fluffy!!!! I love it when they roll around like that!
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Oh, he's a big flirt. I have him at work, and if a customer stops to admire him, he rolls around on the floor for them to see him in all his glory. I just thought it was so funny when he did that for Samantha.

When we get up in the morning, if I don't notice the rolling around seductively, he starts meowing, little tiny sounds that eventually escalate into yowls until I stop what I am doing and admire him. A tickle under the chin usually works too.

I always have to tell him how handsome he is; I wonder if she did the same thing.

And see how much he and Peedoodle look alike?
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Peedoodle is a big flirt also - he loves it when people visit, he will bring his toys or sit on their bags/purses. Maybe its part of that breed's personality? Peedoodle LOVES attention, the more the better!
Oh yea, its as if they are twins! Before I had Peedoodle, I had never seen that colour cat with long hair! But I love it! We will be introducing a new cat to the home soon, I hope Peedoodle handles it well!
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