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New Cat New Problems

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I have a young tabby that i rescued from the neighbour who moved out and left her outside. She is declawed so she couldn't stay outside so i brought her in. She is going to stay with me as i can't find a home for her and don't want her put down. She has two behaviors that i have never seen a cat do before.

She will open her mouth when she gets a little upset. She likes people just not being touched and if you play a little rough with her she bits back and will sometimes open her mouth and sit there for a few seconds and then close it again. Is this normal?

The second is that she paws and anything and everything when she gets out of the catbox. She will also paw at the shower curtan when i am in the shower. I realize that the pawing is playing when i am in the shower but everytime she is in the cat box she looks like she is wiping her paws off. But she will find corners like she is trying to pull somehing out of her paws.

Any thoughts. Thanks
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Our female Cat does this very rarely (she did it more when she was younger). Usually it's because she has had enough of the touching and is getting overstimulated. Perhaps because your new cat is declawed, she knows she can't get you to stop touching her with her paws/claws so she uses her teeth/mouth to tell you that she's not comfortable with the touching.

As far as the other behavior, I'm not 100% sure, but my hunch is that this is something to do with her being declawed? Cats usually dig in the litterbox to cover up their business. From my understanding, for declawed cats, this might be painful/was very painful to do after the surgery so she might be trying to do a digging motion elsewhere.
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She is ale to dg and cover up when she is done but it isafter she is out fo the box that she continuesto paw like she is trying to scrap something off the bottom of her feet.
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