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Indoor cats and windowsills

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Not a behaviour question, just a light hearted general chatty thread, hence the Lounge!

What sort of things do your cats get up to on your windowsills? Do they ever see you coming home, and if so, do they act excited to see you?

Radar loves the sitting room windowsill. He will sit there and wait when it's time for Nate or myself to come home. Our flat is on the 3rd floor, but he can see us walking along the path just fine. Sometimes he will go up there to watch us go when we've just left the flat.

If I see him sitting there when I'm outside I usually wave to him, which he loves. He will tilt his head to one side looking at us, sometimes he will then go all bouncy with excitement and we see him bounding around before he charges towards the door to greet us, and sometimes he will start rubbing his head and body on the glass. A couple of times he has got all excited and banged his head on the glass It's very cute
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Aw that's too cute.

Piccolino is easier to see when he's at the window (since he's white) and when he sees us coming home he looks at us and then he's gone...he doesn't go to the door b/c my "coming home" ritual includes greeting everyone in the bedroom. So when I get inside the house, he's already on the bed waiting for his scritches.
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The boys can't see us come home, but they can hear us (we pull right into the garage). But, if we're outside one or both will fight to get into the window to watch us. Scotty is typically there first, but Oscar will rub his face on the window.
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mine always run to the windows when i get home and when I let out the dog they will sit in the windows and watch me. They also like to sit in the windows and just catch a breeze or watch the birds across the street
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Nollee peeks through the window as I am getting out of my car (sometimes) and then she comes and greets me at the door, rubbing all over my legs and squeeking.... Sometimes Tiger is looking out the window when we are outside or coming/leaving... Though he doesnt really greet us... Just states his presence!
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Jamie spends about half his waking hours on windowsills, birdwatching, spying on the neighbors, waiting for one of us to come home, hissing at neighborhood cats, etc.. He's got comfy perches, and PetScreen in the windows themselves. Our neighbor across the street jokes that she always wanted to be a star, and now she's a "cat TV" star.
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Natasha hangs out on the windowsill most of the day. I even fed her on the windowsill. I think she feels secure there.
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My boys love their windowsills! They watch birds and squirrels and the neighbours all day. They have their own comfy ledges in the sunniest windowsill, and usually retire there in the afternoon to soak up the sun. I'll often see one of them watching me as I leave or come home, and it's very heartwrming when I do.
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One day I came home and waved to Clydie in the front window, then went to open the door... and broke the key off in the lock. I came back around the corner of the porch where Clyde could see me while I called for help, and then I just stood there waiting.

After a couple of minutes, Clyde realized I wasn't coming in, and by golly, he stood up, wiggled behind the half-lowered window blind, and started pawing at the locks on the window! Now that's a smart kitty!
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Our kitties can see us and hear us because they have a window shot right towards the driveway and watch for our cars. They wait at the door to the garage for us to come in. Twig waits for his purrpa and Rocket waits for his meowmy. The girls will join the fun after they realize it's us inside, but not before. They are really skittish.
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Awww Radar!

My RB girl Glory used to sit on my bed, which was in front of our front window when I was about 9-12 years old. She always knew when it was time for me to come home from school or when Mom and I would be coming home from Sunday dinner at my Grandma's house. I miss that girl!!!

Mooch and Noodles don't do that though. From one window they can see birds and there is a big tree right there, so they mostly bird watch. Same thing with my furbabies at my Mom's house. They like sitting there when the iwindows are open and just watching the bunnies and the birdies go by.
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