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Wolves in danger

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I sighed a petation to help prevent the bush adminseration from slaugtering half the gray wolves in the usa and northern lands on our contanent. If you want to help in any way, either by telling friends, donating money or simply signing petitations go to Earhjustice or Defenders of wldlife.

I think this whole plan is evil, unesscary and downright stupid.
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just sick!!!!!!!!
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Completely in agreement. Can you post the link for us? (The easier you make it, the more likely people will go...)
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Here's the link to the Defenders site:
I'll try to get this posted on a site with a lot of sympathetic traffic.

Earthjustice is looking for donations so I won't post that link. We already donate to them a couple times a year.
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...and after all the hard work that went on to try and bring the wolves back. Pathetic.
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i sent out the petition in an email. i got one back form a person i considered a friend. he emails backing saying...

" i hunt rabbit/small game, and deer. wolves eat my game, i think i'll pass and let the get wiped out."

i emailed back and asked him if he was retarded, and told him, dont talk to me for a while
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Yeah I know... Sick. Wolves shouldnt be harmed by man, its not like they are going after us. Evil simply evil

Please try and spread the word, and help. These inosent lives shoud be saved.
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I am furious over this!

I own a 12 year old wolf mix. She would never hurt a fly....yet people would happily "justify" killing her and want her dead just because of what she is.....just horrible! For the record- she was rescued from an extremly high kill shelter when she was tinsy tiny. They were about to euthanize her and her littermates because she is a hybrid. (some IDIOT who was NOT a qualified breeder thought it'd be cool to breed a full blooded wold with other dogs.) Ginger's mom was a full blooded wolf and her dad was a German Shepherd/ Norwegian Elkhound mix. She looks mostly like an elkhound- but she's definitely half wolf. She howls, she plays, she does everything like one. She is beautiful. To think that idiots would want wonderful animals like this slaughtered absolutely infuriates me!

Obviously, these idiots have never known what amazing and wonderful animals wolves are and how incredably loving they can be. My life would never be the same had my sweet Ginger not been a part of it. Wolves are beautiful, extrodinary animals- we owe it to them to help save their lives.

Thankyou for posting - i happily signed the petition.
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Your welcome, Hopefully more can stop them.

Sign..... ign sign you must!
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I signed it a while back... The best thing we can do is also write our reps in the state and federal govt...
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