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I ordered a new microwave!

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As some of you know my microwave died last month and I thought I could get away without one for awhile because of finances.

However, it's been so hot here, and turning the oven on every single day to heat up 1 frozen dinner, which takes about 30 minutes or more depending on what it is, is awful

So I decided to use some of my airmiles and order one. It won't cost me a thing because shipping and taxes is included in the airmiles price.

Here is the one I ordered through the airmiles site.


I'm not fond of the pull handle, but other than that the size is just right. I measured the area where it will be and it will fit like my old one did. Any larger and it will come right to the sink's edge or even extend into the sink.

I also ordered:

A Cuisinart® 4-Slice Belgian Waffle Iron

Cuisinox Mondolin with Blades

Salter Fitness Scale - Body Fat/Body Water Analyser Scale
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It's good that you don't actually have to pay for it - it's kind of pricey. It looks lovely though. I have so many airmiles that I'll probably never use. I've been saving them for years and have never cashed any in.
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I've been collecting since 1992 and have never cashed any in until now. I was saving for a trip and had enough to go anywhere in the world during low season. However, my health has been less than perfect for the past few years and I needed a new microwave and wanted a few things that I can't afford to buy at the moment, so decided to cash in some of the airmiles to get them. The microwave actually only cost me 925 airmiles. And airmiles are pretty easy to accumulate, so I'll build it back up within the next year.
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