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How many you can care for is so much a personal thing, and depends on the cats themselves of course - some cats can get along happily in a smaller space, while others need a larger personal territory to be happy.

I have 2 cats, but I swear with my boys it's like having 10. They are currently chasing each other round and knocking things over! In our situation and with our cats we would have to think very hard before considering adding a third as they are both very lively and need room to run around and get away from each other when they are tired of wrestling. If they were both very docile, quiet, and submissive cats, then the space would be less of an issue I think.
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My boyfriend and I have three cats together. We live in a two-bedroom apartment.

Pooch - 4 years old (orange tabby munchkin)
Luke - 2 years old (black & white domestic shorthair munchkin)
Kelly - 10 months old (black & white domestic shorthair)
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I have six. I would like to have five. We have a three bedroom home with garage and fenced backyard and a cat enclosure outside. The two adult queens both are kept separated from the others except for one queen who can spend time with my neuter boy without losing her mind.
Exposure to other cats, or my younger baby, will drive these two ladies into a spraying frenzy. Everyone else plays very well together and with the family. Only those grown up girls give me grief.
Life with cats.
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We have five permanent cats

Mew 13 years
Tuxedo 6-7-ish years
Lemony Snicket almost 3 years
Eggies 2 years
Smeggweiler just over 1 year

And three outside cats, Smeggweiler's mother and two siblings.

We also have eight temporary kittens and three permanent dogs.

Our house is 534 sq/ft. That's a kitchen, livingroom, bedroom, bathroom and laundryroom.

Geeeeeenerally they get along well. Mew hates every living thing other than humans, and spends 90% of her life on our bar (I even put a bed up there for her). Though she does venture down to sit in the bathroom window sometimes, or sit in our laps on the couch. She wasn't like that when she was younger, but is getting crankier in her old age. But she's fairly tolerant of the 'redneck trash' that she is forced to live with. :p

Smeg used to play with Lemony all the time when he was a baby, but she's not too keen on the idea anymore so it's been a bit shrieky (the cat, not me) around here while she teaches him to leave her alone (no injuries, just noise). So he plays with Eggs a lot now, and the kittens when they're loose.

We have far too many cats for our tiny house. The animals do get on each others nerves sometimes (and mine as well) and we try to make areas where they can get away from each other if they want. We're going to build some 'tupper lairs' like the ones on here, so that will help as well. This house is only temporary, and our next will be larger, so it's just a 'deal with it now' kind of situation for all involved. But I don't think I'll ever have this many cats again.
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17 currently permanant, 1 spoken for and 1 Maine Coon that I'm showing to Grand for a friend = 19

I think the one with most cats on TCS is Kai Bengals - something like 24 I think...and I'll be at that number soon
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I have currently have eight. They all get a long pretty well.

They range from nine years to a little over a year.

I don't think you are crazy at all for wanting to keep that pretty kitty. I think once you pass the "three" cat stage that another is really not that big of an adjustment.
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I have one cat, Hank, who is about 4 and my boyfriend has 1 cat, Stinky who is about 2. We just got a kitten (10 wks old) and her name is Lucy. We are currently introducing her to Stinky. They don't get along quite yet but they are coming along. I hope to at least get one more, a bengal (to have as a pet, not to breed) but they will have to wait until I can afford one.
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We have 2, but we have our eye out for 1 or 2 more to add to the family.

& I have 4 Children, my husband and I living in the house.

We have cat toys all over, the kids love to play with the cats every morning... its the first thing they do when they get up in the morning except... problem is... we don't have enough cats for each of them to play LOL!
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Originally Posted by Katz4Life View Post

My Hubby & I have 6 indoors cats and our families always give us grief because THEY think it is too many...
Everyone thought I was "nuts" too, when I had 7 cats (we have 5 now). And I agree w/ your sentiments: life would just not be the same w/o them!

Like the T-shirt says, "Cat are like a bag of potato chips - You can't have just one!"

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Originally Posted by KittKatt View Post
Everyone thought I was "nuts" too, when I had 7 cats (we have 5 now). And I agree w/ your sentiments: life would just not be the same w/o them!

Like the T-shirt says, "Cat are like a bag of potato chips - You can't have just one!"

My family gives me a hard time for having 4. I too cannot imagine my life without all of them.
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I have three, 2 inside/outside and 1 inside only.

I have three bedroom house and would love to have another if hubby would allow. (Still working on that for now)!

Katie and Black are 2 years old and are litter mates. Sassy is 10 months old.
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Boo hoo -- I only have one (male, 1 year old). My DH isn't up for getting another one because we go on vacation at least 3 times per year. My kitty goes to my parent's house when we are gone and he loves it there but... my mother would not be up for taking two cats I'm afraid. I am so silly about my cat that I can't stand the thought of him being home alone over night. I don't work so he is almost never alone.

Anyhow, we have a large house and money for vet care is no problem. When I was at Petsmart yesterday there were about 3 cats I would have loved to take home. We have a perfect home for additional cats except for that vacation thing.

Someday when we are retired and my current kitty is passed, I want three cats.
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FIve is the magic number here. They are all shelter kitties so we only have a guess as to their age.

Zukua, flamepoint 3 yrs old
Marco, sealpoint 3 yrs old
Feliz, tuxedo 2 yrs old
Loki, orange tabby 3 yrs old
Cleo, grey tabby 5 yrs old
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I have 3 cats and 3 dogs every one gets along great except for our 12 wk old female and our 7wk old female Sam doesnt really care who likes her and who doesnt she will just look at them when they bark/hiss at her..but Jewel is angry with us and anyone who will listen that we brought in another baby! Its quite funny!!!

Our babies are
Sam 6wks
Jewel 12 wks
Tigger 27 months
Max-Shih-Tzu 21 months
Zoe our pit mix 12 wks
and Lilly our Collie 7years

Soon enough we will have another kitten though...even if my husband doesnt know it and I agree with the quote I seen above on Page 1 I think "The more the merrier" and "if you can afford it I say go for it"
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I have one adult cat. House is full of other animals though, the cat fits into the mix nicely, thinks she is a dog!
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with the formerly feral Firefox that i rescued about 2.5 months ago, i now have FIVE! in a 927 square foot house!
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Wow I'm shocked at how many cats people have! I should have guessed it though considering this is a cat lover's site! I'd say adopt the little thing too. We just adopted a little guy a few days ago so now we have three.

Enzo- 1.5 years
Leya- almost 1 year
Stuart- I'm thinking 1-1.5 months
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Originally Posted by Allie72 View Post
My family gives me a hard time for having 4. I too cannot imagine my life without all of them.
Quite frankly, not now or ever have I really much cared what ANYONE thought about the number of cats I've had!! I've been called the "crazy cat lady" on more than one occasion, and I wear the name w/ pride!!

Soon, they'll be saying I'm even more "nuts", b/c I plan on adopting two more I've had my eyes (and heart) on!!

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Well... at least not everyone here will think I'm crazy when I say I have 10 cats. (2 dogs, 3 turtles and a snake as well.)

Jennifer - 14 years (Hyperthyroid)
Pheelick - 12 Years
Maneki Neko - 9 Years (auto immune hemolytic anemia)
Skylar - 7 Years (Diabetes)
Mew - 6 years
Spaz - 5 years
Cleo - 4 years
Neville - 3 years (osteogenesis imperfecta)
Weeble - 3 years (cerebellar hypoplasia)
Cillian - 14 weeks (Currently recovering from being hit by a car. Has a pin in each back leg)

Skylar is only a foster though. She does not get along with the dogs at all and isn't warming up to the other cats very well. Its hard to place a diabetic cats so it maybe a while before she can find her forever home...
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Just one.

Inky - 11 years old
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