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How many Cats do you have?

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If you saw in the kitten forum, I have in my home a kitten I rescued last weekend. I am guessing she is about 9 weeks or so. We go to the vet tomorrow. I would love to keep her, I already have 4 cats, ages 14, 13 , 6 and 2. They will not accept adult cats but seem okay with kittens (I foster a lot and have tried before). If they can accept her, is 5 too many? We have a medium size house . Those of you who have more, how do they all get along? I dont want to cause behavior issues, but I also know there is a desperate need for homes . She is very timid, although she may grow out of that. I have seen shy cats in the shelter, they usually dont thrive or show well. If I keep her, it will be a chance for another cat to be saved. I am talking myself into it, hehe!Wouldn't you?
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She's cute. We have 5 in our home....well, 6 if you count the tiny kitten that we're baby-sitting this weekend., plus our 4 dogs. Everyone gets along pretty well. There was the normal hissing and smacking at one another at first, but after a few days they were fine. I can't say that anyone is really close to another, at this point, though. Their ages (including our houseguest) are:
Apollo: 8wks
Hecate: 11wks
Thalia: 11wks
Hera: 1yr
Reyah: 2yrs
Lucy: 4yrs
The three adults don't easily accept other adults, either.
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My Hubby & I have 6 indoor cats + more on the way!

Sliver - 6 Years Old - Dark Gray & White
Snowball - 6 Years Old - Peaches & Cream
Sage - 5 Years Old - Brown Tabby
Sushie - 4 Years Old - Tortishell
Spooky - 3 Years Old - Black & White - Shes Pregnant!
Spici - 2 Years Old - Gray Tabby

Our Spooky will be able to spend the rest of her life with her babies, we are keeping them all. Once her kittens are born, they are the last of our feline family for at least a decade.

They get along pretty well, obviously we can't expect them to get along all the time. But most of the time, they are a big fuzzy family
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I'd say if you have the resources to take care of one more, then Go for it!!! I have 2 cats and they are still getting used to each other, but someday I'd like to have more (when I have a good income). It's true that there are a lot of kittens who need homes (and cats for that matter). Do what's best for your lifestyle, but if it were me and I had the money, I'd do it

Luna is 4 1/2 and Sherman is 3 months (probably almost 4).
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I have 2 in a 1 bedroom apartment. I wish we all had a little more space.

I think it depends on how much room you have and how much space each of the cats enjoys/needs.

My feeling is that so long as each cat has enough space to call their own (or the cats don't mind sharing their space) and you have enough room for sufficient litterboxes etc. you should be ok. I think this is more about how territorial the cats are. And since you're in a house, I'm guessing there's a lot of running around space.

If anyone has a way to calculate how many cats per sq foot is ideal, that would be awesome!
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So Im not crazy then, to think about it. I don't work and I have lots of time to give everyone the attention they need. I just feel as if she were sent right to me!
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She's adorable. When you have 4, one more is not a problem. I have 2 cats and 1 dog - still working on getting DH to let me have another Ocicat - I will in time.

Highest amount I've had was 6 adult cats and some kittens - but I never counted the kittens as they were purebred/show cats and were spoken for before they were born
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I'm the wrong one to ask.

I have 8 ....errrr 8.5 if you count the little rescued baby that is at the vet right now.

Leopold 9
Momma is 4
Beandip is 3
Junior is 2


Paisley, Pumpkin, Pixel and Precious are litter mates - they are 15 months old.

They have 2200 sq feet to share. They get along pretty well. It's total harmony except for Leopold...he has his moments. He wishes he was the only cat.
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I have 9 total
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As with Beandip I too am the wrong one to ask-we have 8 kitties, 2 lovebrids and a 75 gal. fish tank as well as a 6 week old baby. All of our kitties get along great and basically have from the beginning. I think that they all know that they are lucky to even have a home so they better be good. We have a 1600 sq foot house for them all to share and we will soon be joined by my mother-in-law and her 2 dogs for a few weeks while she gets her new house built. Our kitties are all within close range of age

Gracie: 5yrs
Ginger: 5yrs
Melody: almost 5 yrs
Uno: 3yrs
Dusty: 3yrs
Squeeker: 1yr
Alley: 11 mos.
Turbo: 9 mos.

Except for the occasinal spat between Gracie and Uno they all get along great and I say the more the merrier as long as you can afford it. Ours all have special needs and medicines so it can get expensive and while all of ours are still young it does add up as they get older and develop health problems. She is a beautiful little girl though-I would have a hard time not keeping that sweet face as well. Good luck with the decision making process!
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I have two in a 350 sq ft studio. They get along well, no territory issues yet. Someday I want a house so I can have more You little girl is adorable and beautiful.

You chose the right site to get a bunch of "yes" votes
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Sounds good. Rescueing her has been so much fun, she is doing so well, and goes to the vet tomorrow for all the tests and shots. I just feel like she came right to me, and we have bonded, and it would be hard on both of us to give her to the shelter. After she gets vet checked she can mingle with the others, and see how it goes, but like I said, they dont worry too much about small kittens. Our youngest cat (2 years) usually takes on the role of mom.
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Our theory has been that you shouldn't have more pets in the house than hands to pet them. Since there are only two of us, that restricts us to 4. However, we only have 3. Anymore seems like too many (and we have a pretty big house). Two of ours are Bengals though - they might count for two each
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Wow, everyone has a lot of cats. I only have one. He's been with me since he was eight weeks old. Now he's 16 so I think it's late to introduce another cat. I've thought about it though.
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Currently... 20 inside and 2 outside. But we took in three pregnant cats and have rescued several abandoned kittens. Only 9 of those 20 that are indoors are permanent members of the family.
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I am currently owned by 6 cats 4 are indoors, the other 2 are indoor/outdoor, depending on the weather and their mood. They all get along, cept 1 of my older boys takes a long time too adjust, but I don't have any probs, he can be seperate from them inside if he wants, and some nights I let him in with the other 4 indoor cats, he warns them is about all, and if he has had enough he lets me know by waiting at the door My oldest boy is like an old grandad too them, he keeps too himself, if they get too close he hiss's at them too warn them away

Whiskey is 10 ( my grand boy )
C'For is 7 ( my territorial handsome man )
Wookie is 9 months ( loves ALL of the other cats sweet boy )
Meisha is 5 months ( just wants too love them all, a wise cat for her age )
Shiska is 4 months ( is weary of the 2 older boys, but loves too tease them )
Zylah is 4 months ( quiet and keeps out of trouble, prefers too play by herself or with me )
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I currently have 5 indoor cats that "own" ME, and several strays that we feed outside - one of which just had kittens, so now there are even more mouths to feed! One of the strays who I've become quite attached to I plan on adopting, as soon as we can afford it, and after we get Geronimo neutered: if I let her in before that, we'll end up with more than we can handle! (not that I would necessarily mind, but ya gotta draw the line somewhere!!). And I also worry about letting her into the house before we get her tested for any possible feline diseases (even though she seems healthy) b/c we have to worry about Winchester and his FIP virus...

Maverick is 12, Gabriel is 11, Winchester is 2, Geronimo is 1, and Spencer is almost 1. They all get along well, except Geronimo is still a "brat" occasionally b/c he hasn't been fixed yet and goes on his "tirades"...especially when the females outside are in heat. I know he'll settle down once he gets fixed: we just can't afford it right now b/c we've spent so much on Winchester's meds and all for his FIP. It can be expensive to have so many cats, but they're worth every penny!

We have a fairly decent-sized home, so it never gets crowded. And they all have their "spots" that they call their own. Sometimes there is an occasional uproar over who gets what chair or window or space in the closet, but for the most part, it isn't a problem b/c there's enough spaces to choose from. It usually isn't a problem unless you live in a limited space, and have too many cats living w/ you...

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well we have now 13 cats. 1 of which perfers the outdoors but comes in now and again 1 an ex stray who stays out all day but comes in at night(just how he likes it).
so no you wont be mad taking in 1 more lol.
ours are
Gracy grey and white 15 years old.
bergkhamp black 6.5 years old.
Tom brown tabby 3.5 years old.
patch black and white 1 year old
fluffy black and white 1 year old
tigerlilly brown tabby 11 months old
forest black 11 months old
chloe tortie and white 6 months old
gizmo ginger and white about 6 months old
sophie brown tabby 5 months old
mittens grey and white tabby 11 weeks old
missy black 11 weeks old
wobbles black 11 weeks old
bubbles black 11 weeks old.
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I have 5 cats. Two of them do not get along. For the most part they do not bother each other. But every now and then the dominant one will decide to chase the other one and I need to seperate them for a few days.
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I have only two, both indoor kitties. I live in a small 2 BR co-op. The cats are 2 & 1 yrs. and get along really great. I think thats cuz the youngest was a 4 mo. old feral who lived with her mom cat outside and the oldest was 1 yr. and just separated from her 3 mo. kitten. She and her kitten were abandoned in a box and I took her in just to foster. Well, they took to each other and filled the void each had. For a while the feral would try to nurse and the older one would let her. They share the litter box with no problem. I should mention that where I live we are not permitted cats. So its a matter of hoping no one is mad enough at me to report me. I've said I'll move to keep my babies. I try to stay out of Petsmart when they have cats for adoption because I want them all. I would have as many as I can afford.
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I am owned by just 2 cats.

Summer will be 6 in September

Chevy just turned 1.

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I have three cats: Rocky, Moose & Lucy. We share a 1100 sq. foot apartment.
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My cats:

Adoptable/foster cats:
Mr. Minkus
2 very feral unnamed kittens
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I have two. Both are two years old. One is a female calico, spayed...the other is a female tonkeniese, yet to be fixed (I'm searching for a low income vet to get that done).
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I have six cats. They usually get along well, although there is the occasional argument. They are all strays who were born near my yard and ended up with me for various reasons. Each has a special story.

Their names and ages.
Kolohe- had his 10th birthday in May
Torty- will be 10 next month
Stumper- Torty's littermate- will be 10 next month
Eric- my best guess is that he'll be 10 next month
Tiggy- will be 9 next month
Fluffy- had his 5th birthday in May
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I have 5:

Crystal & Francine are both 13 yrs old

Winnie & Stormy (sisters) are 11 yrs old

And Spyder is 6 yrs old.
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I have just the one cat. She's one of those territorial female cats that doesn't like other cats and the quality of the life of the cat I have is more important than the fun of getting more cats so I'm stuck with just the one feline. She's awesome though.
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We have 3 cats in a 1-bedroom apt.
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She is so precious

I have:
Tiger: 5 year old male orange tabby polydactyl (almost 6)
Nollee: 11 month old female calico (well really she is more tabby than calico)

and as of tomorrow:

Oscar (whose name will be changed to Osiris) will be the newest part of my family: 4 month old male, all black kitty.

Im not allowed anymore, I think three cats is enough in 1100sq ft living space

So today I have 2 kitties
Tomorrow I will have 3!
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I have 4 now:
Milo 6 years B day March 16th 2001
Georgie roughly 4 years June 20th 2003 is the bday I chose for her
Lucky is 2 July 21st 2005
Jake is just over 8 months his birthday day is Nov 16 2006
We live in a 2 bedroom apartment the 2nd room is for the kitties.
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