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This is embarrasing but...ejaculation??

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Sorry about this guys, but I need to know! My kitty is now 4 months old. As I have mentioned on previous threads, no vet will neuter him before 6 months and I have tried 4 or 5 in the area. All same answer; they need time to mature.

Anyway, I came in this evening and there was a small amount of a sticky white substance on the floor (literally a couple of dribbles) and it smelled like, you know!! Can Harry randomly do this? What do people think went on in my absence?! I tried a couple of terms in search posts but found nothing that was similar to this unfortunately!! He hasn't sprayed at all yet to the best of my knowledge.

Any ideas? Sorry to ask!
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Sounds like just a normal adolescent tomcat thing to me, he's getting to the age when he wants to mate and so is likely to try to 'get his kicks' by stimulating himself (really trying hard to phrase that suitably for a family site!) nothing to be worried about, and you're certainly not alone in not being able to neuter before 6 months either. If he had started spraying you would know by the awful smell!

If I were you I'd book a neuter appointment now for the day he turns 6 months old as the time goes really quickly, Sonic was actually 7 months when we got him done because we hadn't booked the appointment in advance and the time just whizzed past so fast that we didn't realise. Oh and don't let him outdoors as he could be old enough to get a female pregnant. Also it takes about a month after for their hormones to settle and for them to be completely infertile afterwards.
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Im looking to adopt a kitten this weekend and this is my worry as well. I have to other cats (one male 5 years old) and a female (11 months) who are both already spayede/neutered. I was also told that they would not neuter till around the 6 month time frame... I was curious and worried that little kitty may spray... I havent met him just yet, so I guess Ill just have to go with the flow. Hopefully you can get him in at the 6 month period!
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Thanks for the replies guys. I was quite shocked at first but now I'm just laughing. I'm keeping him as an indoors only cat certainly until he's neutered (and now will keep him in for longer) and then I'm not sure after that. I was assured by a vet that this would not happen as he wouldn't be mature enough until 6 months!!

Oh the joys. I have no children so this is probably a lot less painful than what you'd have to go through with humans once they hit adolescence!
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