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I am scared!! My husband, as you probably have surmised, is in the military. Although we area self-sufficient family we really need him. Heeem (sp on purpose) is a nice guy and takes good care of us. Please pray for peace, and if not please pray for a swift victory. Thanks.

Nipper’s Mom
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You don't stand alone in the scared department. Or in the prayer department either.
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You aren't kidding. Now with this North Korea thing......it is just really REALLY scaring the be-jesus out of me. I don't think I would want to get into something with them! Iraq...well, that isn't good, either, but I don't think we need North Korea on top of it.

Please tell me why we are so concerned about other countries but cannot take care of our own??? Please?
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I know you must be terrified. I live in a military town, and in my job, I deal with young Marines every day. It breaks my heart to think that these are the people that are going to have to go defend us. They are SO young. I pray every day that these conflicts can be worked out with negotiations and not war. Unfortunately, we just found out that they will soon be shipping out 50,000 of the 70,000 on the bases here, and are calling in the Reserves to man the bases. A guy from the local news came in Sunday and did an article on how local business will cope with the loss of that huge number of people leaving. We were shocked to find out it was SO many at once. We have been hearing about leaves being cancelled, and desert gear being issued for months. Many of the guys released on weekends are not allowed out of a 50 mile radius of their base. It is all very scary!
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I am also very scared of war. I hope and pray it does not happen and if it does that it will not last long. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your hubby.
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Absolutely. Our prayers are with you!
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It really made it feel different for Christmas. Every time I turned on the television something bad was happening. But, who knows. Maybe things will work out for the best. Your kind words really helped!

Nipper’s mom
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