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Bengal Birth

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Please if you get the chance, check out this thread of a beautiful Bengal Queen giving Birth to two Bengal kittens.


Even though one of the kittens is born breech, it is a beautiful and mellow Birth, and it shows a very curious and anxious Bengal father acting almost like a human father waiting for his babies to be born.

I think it also shows just what sweet and trusting cats Bengals cat be, as she keeps looking up at her human owner for reassurance as she gives birth. I just love this video, it actually brought tears to my eyes.
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Nice video. However I would NEVER allow another cat to be in the same room when giving birth. The mother is nervous as it is and IMO the breeder is not being wise allowing that male to hang around and jump in/out of the birthing box (he did one time). Plus I don't like the fact that the cat is using newspaper - its a lot better to put that newspaper in a pillowcase!

Breech births are tough and take longer then normal births. Its amazing every time to watch God's creatures give birth and how they handle things without any pain medicine, etc.
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Hmm. I have watched tons of cats and dogs give birth, and I have to say that particular labor seemed quite painful on momma. I have never seen a kitty clawing up the nest box and biting down on it like that during the birth process (although lord knows I can relate, having had a baby of my own just four months ago and getting my epidural only 20 minutes before she arrived!) I also didn't care for the big guy jumping around-and momma seemed stressed by him as well.
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