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agressive cat

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I just brought home a stray 6 month old female cat and already have a 2 1/2 year old female cat (spayed) My older cat is and always has been very agressive she and the neighbor cats have always fought. When I brought home the new kitten I kept them seperate and then introduced with the new cat in a carrier and alot of hissing from both. I have let them both in the same room while I watched and the older cat goes after the younger very aggresively. Yesterday I let both cats together again and the older cat attacked the younger cat and caused injury (trip to the vet for puncture wound in leg) The older cat now sits outside the door where the new cat is and if I try to pet her she bites me. I am afraid to put both cats together again, any suggestions??
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Oooh, I'm gonna bump this cause I'm curious about it too. Why don't animal shelters let you "test drive" a cat before you take them home? I mean, I need to make sure that this little rescue kitten isn't gonna be beat up all the time by my other two meanie cats. Don't cats choose their playmates like people do? I'm interested in getting a girl cat into the home since it's me and my two boy cats, too much testosterone! I need to introduce some femininity into the home to tone it down a little bit.
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Please read this article and follow the advice:


Introducing cats has to be done very slowly, and with lots of patience. I would keep them separated for at least a couple of weeks. Good luck!
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