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So, I like to take alot of Photos LOL!

Playtime with the kitties!

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Thanks for sharing! I've been playing with my cat this morning - he will barely do anything! Lazy cat, lol.
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aww lots of kitty-fun and lots of fun for moma too
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Beautiful babies!
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Thank You

Sometimes I wonder if I take more photos of my Kids or my Kitties! LOL! Probably an equal amount of both
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We love pictures, so keep on snapping!

Your furbabies are beautiful...I especially love those green, green eyes.
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I was saying before as we are not actively serching but certianly on the lookout for our 3rd and final kitty (because I WANT my LAP KITTY darn it! LOL!) We have our BLUE EYED beauty Yuki, and our Green Eyed Red Head Horatio, our Lap Kitty will need to have Striking Yellow Eyes or Orange Eyes
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