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Kittens won't eat

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Well, yesterday, we got two kittens. I'm unsure of how old they are but I can tell you that their ears stick up and they move around with large strides, not running, so I'm assuming about 4 weeks.

We have tried to get them to eat soft cat food and they wouldn't. So we got a premature baby's bottle and tried them on some goat's milk and they drank a little. But I don't think they are getting enough. How much should they be drinking and what can we do to get them use to the bottle better until they can be weened?
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Here are a few websites that I thought might help.

Good Luck with your kittens!
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One of the kittens will lick the milk off my finger and bite on my finger but they don't want to take the bottle. It seems impossible to get 104 mL in them. They won't even touch milk in a bowl.
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Got this information from:

If a kitten refuses to take the nipple or won't suckle, try rubbing it
vigorously on its forehead or stroking its back. This replicates the activity
of a momcat's cleaning and can effectively stimulate the kitten to nurse.
Sometimes you will hear a "clicking" noise which means the kitten's
nursing instinct is in gear and should be ready for the nipple. Sometimes
a kitten is simply picky; there are two kinds of nipples out there, one
shorter and one longer, so you might have to make sure they don't prefer
one or the other.

Hopefully you can get the kittens to eat
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Well, Simba has picked up on it already and he was eating good just a few minutes ago. He didn't eat much but he did start right away and quit when he didn't want anymore and wouldn't do it again. But Cloudy doesn't seem to want anything. He drank a few times and quit. I don't know if he's constipated or not because the other has feces on him but Cloudy doesn't. Maybe he's just cleaner.
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Just keep trying different things to get them to eat something.
You are doing a great job so far, you'll find a way

You need anything else, we will try and help as much as we can...

Good Luck!

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On a side note, one of them or both are using the litter box we put in their house. And they both clean them selves so they learned that. I'm not so worried about Simba (yellow one) but Cloudy doesn't eat much (gray one).

Here's a video of them playing. My camera went dead, that's why it's a few seconds long but at least yall can see them. They're brothers.

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They are gorgeous and you are doing a great job!

Cloudy is small enough that he may do better with smaller feedings, more often. Maybe every 2 or 3 hours for a couple of days. As he gets bigger and stronger, he will automatically start eating a larger amount and need less feedings. Worth a shot anyway, since you are concerned.
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I don't have any advice.
I just wanted to say that they are adorable.
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Well, today, both of Cloudy's eyes were shut with some gunk. When we got him, only one was shut. We have tried putting neosporin on his eye yesterday but I guess that just made it spread to the other. He has been coughing and he has a snotty nose. He hasn't eat anything since we got him. He may take a few nibbles on the nipple but then he just squirms away. I guess he has a cold but I don't know what's in his eye.

We are going to get him some paroxide for his eye and my friend has some antibiotics for his cold.
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It sounds like Cloudy may have a UTI and even the Feline Herpes Virus.
I have one with that virus and when she has a flare-up it starts with the matted eyes and runny nose.
I think the best thing to do would be to take the baby to the Vet and have him checked.

I hope he feels better soon.
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Peroxide is NOT for use on the eyes! Please wipe them off with warm water on a cloth.
And I agree about the vet trip.

When you drink out of a bottle, you breathe through your nose (think human babies). If your nose is stuffy, you basically have to take a drink, stop & breathe, then drink again. Babies don't realize this, get frustrated & stop trying. You may need to syringe feed for a couple of days.
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Well, we carried Cloudy to the vet Monday but he didn't do anything. He just told us to keep up the antibiotics that we already had and the eye drops. Well, he died today. The saddest thing is that his brother loved him a lot. Look through the album below. Simba wouldn't leave his side. These pictures were taken after Cloudy died. Simba would keep him warm and everything at night.

R.I.P. Cloudy
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Oh no! I'm so sorry.
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I'm so sorry for your loss.
Rest In Peace, sweet baby.
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Peroxide even diluted with water is a really bad idea. Trying to pry open a young kitten's eye is not advisable either. Neosporin shouldn't go into the eye unless you are using the opthalmalic ointment from your vet. Your kittens should be seen by a vet. He can give you something safe to put into their eyes. That's how I would go. Putting a damp cloth (warm) on the eyes will help to loosen the gunk, but gunk can mean anything from a URI to more serious health issues. Please take the young ones into the vet. will give you ideas how to feed and care for them
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I am so sorry about the loss your kitten. You did your best and that all we can do.
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