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What did you cat(s) get?

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I was wondering what you got for your cats for christmas!

My cats got a laser pointer (actually my sister bought it for them now me!)

Both cats loved it. Sarah loved it the most though, she chased it until she was wheezing! That's a long time as she is a very active cat already!
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I am going to make some people GASP! But my cats didn't get anything for Christmas, but what they get everyday. People who love them, a place to come out of the cold, a warm bed, a few rubs and tickles. I do feed them wet food at Christmas, as they rarely eat anything other than dry. Probably if I only had one cat, it would be different, but as I have so many, they just get us same as all year.
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The cats got hollow plastic balls, with holes to put treats in. Opie is NOT impressed. He is NOT working for his treats.

Ike and Pearl have, already eaten their rawhide bones and scarfed up their turkey& bacon dog food, in less than 30 seconds. They eat dry, all the time.
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My sister gave "us" a cat dish with a bottled water dispenser.
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Trent and Ophelia got turkey flavor wet food on Christmas Eve. They got sparkle-ball bodied catnip mice on Christmas Day. They were wrapped up in white tissue paper with catnip inside, but neither of them got the concept of unwrapping the gift. They just looked at the presents, sniffed them and looked at me like "What am I supposed to do with that???" So I unwrapped for them and they dove in with gusto. They LOVE their new toys!

They also got a big bag of sparkle poms, which they don't even know about. They have so many scattered about the house as it is, we probably won't open that bag for quite some time.
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My parents sent their favorite toys - the plastic rings you pull of orange or milk bottles! LOL!

They got aluminum-foil crinkles from their Secret Santa, which they loved (posted in a different thread!).

We gave them what they love next (most to the plastic rings) the chance to rip open all our presents, shred the decorations, and romp with the ribbons!

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Alf and Ronnie got new cat bowls - posh ones, mind, from Habitat no less.
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Cleo got a home with us But....she also had a stocking to help her feel welcome. She couldn't wait for it, either. She found it on her own and dug out one of the catnip toys before we were even ready to do any of that! She also got a cute collar with butterflies on it, a toy with a string for her to chase....and a cat bed that she loves.

Ashley got treats and a bag full of those soft glittery balls. She is obsessed with those things!
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My kitties got some plastic balls that are filled with catnip, a mouse that vibrates if you pull the tail, a small pillow that is filled with catnip (they go nuts rubbing all over it!), some plastic curly toys and a long stick that has leather strings hanging from the end.

I just couldn't help myself. I would feel bad if I didn't get them anything at all.
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Originally posted by LDG
My parents sent their favorite toys - the plastic rings you pull of orange or milk bottles! LOL!
Mine go nuts over the rings from pop bottles!
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Pepper got his first big cat tree! It's perfect and he loves it because I put all sorts of toys hanging on and around it, and best of all it's top level is high enough to provide a safe spot away from Bella! Needless to say he loves it!
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Snowball got his gift on Christmas Eve and I have a picture of it posted in a different thread. Here is the link. http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/sho...threadid=13586

We tried to use a laser pointer to play with Snowball in the past, but for some reason he doesn't seem to be able to see the little dot. I wonder if this happens very often?
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Ivo gets toys every time I go to PetSmart, so she won't get anything special for Christmas. I did get a pen with a laser pointer on the end from a resident rotating through our lab last week. That's the latest thing she got, and now her favorite toy.
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Gonna have to get one of those pens, but I think they banned them here because kids kept shinning them in peoples eyes. They can apparently blind you by burning the retina :o Watch those kitty eyes.

Suki got nothing apart from a real long cuddle under the blankets first thing, she loves that. Every morning she bounds upstairs onto the bed and snuggles with us under the blankets purring her little heart out.
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Ike doesn't grasp the concept of "sharing". Yesterday, he ate one of the rawhide bones. Today, he has been guarding the other one - not chewing on it, just keeping it between his paws and laying on it. He growls at Pearl, whenever she gets near. I took it away from him and gave it to Pearl. She's trotting around the yard, waving it in the air. My pets are all crazy!
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I got the cats a catnip toy each - which they went crazy about.

And my mum and dad really spoiled them and got them a posh cat dish,a scratch pad mouse and some christmas box sets with food, treats and a toy in. My mum put on all the gift tags "from auntie pam and uncle colin" Which convinced the rest of th family that she has gone loopy.

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We didn't get our cats anything *GASP* (i know) But one co-worker was thoughtful enough to get my cats a stocking that had "cats" plural. She's so thoughtful.
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