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A bird just flew into my window and died

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I feel like I am going to cry.

A pigeon just flew into my 2nd story window, HARD. It startled me..

I looked down and saw him on the ground twitching I was on the phone with our tech support so I couldn't even run down to try and help him.

By the time I got off the phone, he was dead with a broken neck I'm sure.

I feel blue
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Awww, Nat
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It sounds like there was nothing you would have been able to do for him anyway.
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Awwww! I still remember when that happened at my Grandparent's house when I was a little girl. I was very upset too.
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Oooo that's horrible. RIP little birdie
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Ahhh Natalie RIP bird.
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Crikey Nat i'm not suprised it startled you

Poor thing, he/she will be winging it's way across the bridge now
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Birds hit the windows and doors at my work. They usually do not die, I've found 1 or 2. The birds pick in the dirt, play in the bushes,etc. when they get spooked they take off and some miscalculate I guess.
Your pigeon was probably going at full speed! Yikes!
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Aww poor lil birdie.

May he RIP.
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Aww! Poor bird! I always cry when I hear that something like that happens. Poor animals don't mean to hit things... we're just in the way.
My parents have had two hit their sliding glass doors, trying to get to the halfway assembled Christmas tree (We hadn't put on the decorations yet). It bounced twice and then wouldn't fly for about 20 minutes. The other one was when they were trimming the brush next door and we guess that it got scared and flew into whatever direction it could. That one bounced once and flew off.
A friend of mine's grandfather found a knocked out painted bunting (very beautiful but very rare birds) on his porch. He held it in his hands while his youngest granddaughter took pictures until the flashing woke it up and it flew away.
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Aww...RIP birdie...poor thing!
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Wow - must be a death day. Was really weird but a pigeon or some bird hit our window this morning (our office is on the 6th floor) - I was busy but it made me jump. Window blinds were down but I caught the feathers flying out of the corner of my eye.

Not sure if he died or not - didn't want to go down and check.
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I'm sorry Natalie.

RIP birdie.
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Birds see the reflection of sky, clouds, trees etc on the glass as well as what's beyond it and think there is nothing in their way, so often when they hit they do it at top speed.

The best way to stop it happening again is to make the glass visible to them - either hang some sort of blinds, window decorations of some sort, or window stickers of some description (I am sure you can get quite decorative ones that aren't too tacky these days!)

Poor birdie
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Poor bird!
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Awww poor bird

We replaced our windows last year. Never had a problem with the birds hitting windows until this year. We've been lucky b/c they've just been stunned and were able to fly away. Well, last week a Mourning Dove hit one of the windows- HARD. Went out, looked on the ground, and the poor bird was dead

They can see the reflection of the trees in the window, and that's probably why it hit it.
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My windows do have blinds

Maybe still they can see the reflection though

I just still feel awful..Knowing a creature has suffered tears me up. I can't forget about it.
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Poor birdies.

That happened to me just this Monday.
I was walking across someone's lawn and heard a BANG! So I looked over and a bird had hit the neighbour's window and was lying on the ground. Iwent to see if I could flip it upright or something, but it had obviously hit too hard, as with a couple of leg twitches, it died.
It was so loud that the guy came out of his house and asked me what it was.
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Originally Posted by Trouts mom View Post
My windows do have blinds

Maybe still they can see the reflection though

I just still feel awful..Knowing a creature has suffered tears me up. I can't forget about it.
Give Trout some hugs
RIP little birdie
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Originally Posted by Jenny82 View Post
Give Trout some hugs
RIP little birdie
I snuggled Trout in my arms for a good 2 minutes...she actually let me too..that was weird She was purring away
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Oof, poor bird, what a way to go out.

At least be glad it didn't happen to you while you were driving. I hit a bird while I was driving once, nothing happened to the car, but it resulted in quite a mess.
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awww i'm sorry love rip little birdie
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