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Our First Xmas With the Cats!!!!!

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Well, I don't know what you people with kids and trees do!!!! Hats off to you!

I waited until Christmas morning to put out the presents (on the couch - we don't have room for a tree in the R.V.!)

Here are the kids, Christmas morning.

Are they looking for Santa? He already came, they just didn't know it yet!

(It was a white Xmas here! We also had an ice storm that knocked out the power for the better part of the day!!)
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Sheldon and Lazlo had great fun poking through the gifts and attacking the decorations!

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Shelly had a hard time picking out a present! He had to go through them all!!!!
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He found one he decided to open.
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He's VERY GOOD at opening presents! He went at this one with great gusto!!!!
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It was a long day, but ended quite peacefully.

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Those babies are looking outside like "What in the name of ? Happened to our world!" LOL Great pictures Laurie- beautiful feral kitties!
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Laurie, those are adorable!

Sam didn't open any gifts, although he loves tissue paper. There was too much commotion in the gift opening room, so he stayed upstairs with a safe view of the activity.

My sister's cat, though, tried to open anything that had come from a pet store. And I gave her a little stocking full of furry mice - she worked to get all of them out of the package, then took them one by one to store in her bed so nobody could get them.
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It looks like that had so much fun with all the presents! Shelly looks like he really enjoyed himself...I hope the present he unwrapped was one for him.
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Heidi - opening the gifts WAS the present! LOL!
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Great pictures Laurie!

We gave Whiskers her present and she sniffed it and walked away....that's where it ended. *sigh* It was a stocking full of toys and catnip. I thought she would have loved the gift. She was not interested at all.
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I love those pictures Laurie!!!! I had to unwrap Peedoodle's present as he just sniffed at it. But he loved the time-released catnip pig that we got him, actually he is sleeping with it right now. Jake got him a 'tigers tail' and he loves it also. But when we unwrapped our presents from each other, Peedoodle went crazy and loved the boxes and wrapping paper.
I also got some good christmas news, the man at the cat shelter emailed me yesterday and told me that the deaf kitty he was holding for me finally started to eat yesterday!
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Laurie, great great pictures! Looks like they had so much fun! Love the one of them all looking out the window.
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Kellye - that is GREAT news (about the kitty eating).

And Hissy, I forgot to say - I don't think they're wondering what happened to their world (the snow) so much as wondering if they'll EVER be able to get one of those birds! (We've a feeder right on the window and two right outside) LOL!
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Oh, Laurie! And you had me believing they were innocent little babes looking for Santa! That is a great picture. Now, about Sheldon. I have always wanted a black tuxedo cat. Now, just what is the location of your home, and when might Sheldon be outside playing alone? Have you warned him about getting into cars with strangers? Ahhh, just kidding, but he's so beautiful!
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Those pictures are wonderful Laurie!!!! I'm so glad you, Gary and the cats had such a great Christmas!!!!
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Thanks for the great pics! I love the last one.
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Love the pics! John and I couldn't have decorated presents because Merlin tried to eat all of the bows! Pepperpot thought that any gift bag was hers - she took them over commando style!
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Thread Starter mean the bows aren't edible? LOL!

We let them play with the bows and decorations only under strict supervision. We know how dangerous they can be!
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Those were great pics! All candidates for future "Caption Me" posts.
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