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What a Night!

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Following my post yesterday about moving the nest, I decided to leave it alone just now. HOWEVER...

Woke up at 2.00am last night to find Darcy moving her 7 day old kittens under the bed. There was nothing under there that consituted a nest so I was really worried that they would get cold or that she was trying to abandon them.

Needless to say I panicked and gathered them up again. I had seen Darcy rooting around in my built-in wardrobe so I moved the nest in there and she seems really happy with that. She spent all night in the wardrobe with them, doing the usual feeding, licking, etc.

Why did she try to move them? My husband said it is probably because we have been looking that them too much. We've not been picking them up but have stroked them and kept a close eye on them.

Is it quite common for cats to change the nest position? Does our theory about the move seem likely?

Thank you
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Momma cats will move kittens for various reasons, but mainly it's this:

1. It's too bright
2. It's too noisy
3. The area "feels" unsafe

Most cats prefer enclosed areas (like your wardrobe) when having kittens under the age of 6 weeks. It's easier for mom cat to guard.
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