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Good Deed

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Last Friday at work I found a beautiful, 6 toed cat, white/orange tabby. She was so friendly, purring and loving the attention. I hated to leave her after my lunch hour was over. I worried about her so much that on Saturday I came back to work to look for her and try catch her to get her to a rescue.

Good News!! yesterday during lunch hour I found her again. Another co-worker saw her & tried to pet her, but she wouldn't have any of that. I went to look for her and was going through the parking lot calling "kitty, kitty" and there she was underneath my car (of all places, it must have been fate). She was so loving and not scared at all as I carried her back to the building and into my office (luckily I've an office & not a cubical). She was great. She would sit with me on my chair and give kisses, just like my two do . Oh how I wanted to keep her!! I would if it wasn't for my dh or my lease of only 2 pets. grr! I was able to take her to my vet's office after work and they will work with the rescue (where we adopted Max & Sarah) to find her a new forever home.

It felt really to help her, but I'm sad. I know she will be well loved/care by my vet and rescue. But I'll miss her. I took pictures with my cell phone, but have no way to download them.

I emailed my vet and they said she doing good and is very happy. I want to donate supplies towards her care, if they will let us. Just want to share the tale of my "office buddy"
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Awww...this was fate sweetie! You were meant to befriend her and help her find her new home. I love stories like this! You were her guardian angel, helping her to her new path. If she is that lovable, it won't take long for her to find her new family.

I know you miss her, but she will have a good life now. Is there any way you can keep tabs on her and see where she goes from here?
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Awww... you did such a good thing. And she sure seems to have known who she was looking for! I hope she finds a wonderful home...
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Awww, what a wonderful story... I think it was fate.
I hope she finds a loving home.
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Aww!! What a happy story!!! Fingers crossed that she gets a furever loving home!!
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I've been touch with my vet's office and the rescuse and she is doing great very happy to be loved and fed. I'm going to bring he supplies on Saturday and I hope I can see her. They said they will stay in touch so I'll know how her life is going and her adoption.

I still wish we could have kept her, but I would hate to try and sneek her and then have to rehome her. At least I can visit for now and know she's off the streets. It's hard... I don't know how you fosters do it. Bless you I would want to keep them all. Someday, when we have a house, I want more cats . I'll keep you updated. Ps, no name yet .
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