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I'm so cranky!!

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I'm gonna go crazy!! I swear, everything is conspiring to make me cranky.

First, it's very hot and humid right now. I'm just sitting in front of my computer and I'm covered in sweat. I HATE that!!

Also, my eyes hurt. I need new glasses and looking at something at a distance of more than a few feet hurt. Everything is blurry.
(also, I keep thinking of how much it's gonna cost to get new glasses and it hurts even more)

My apartment is a mess and it's too hot to clean (or to get off my chair)

My stupid neighbors seem to think that everyone wants to hear their techno dance music, so they play it outside. It's so nice of them to share.

I just took out the garbage and found maggots on the lid of my kitchen garbage can.

And to add to all this, I stopped at the mall today to buy a new cart to get my groceries home. I just went to put it together and noticed that one of the wheel is broken. Stupid cheap plastic wheels!!!
So I'll have to go back and see if they'll take it back. Then I'll have to try to find a better cart (it was the last one at that store)... and until I find one, I can't get any more kitty litter.
The litter boxes are running low on litter and it smells bad. Maybe I should just convince the cats to stop eating for a day or two.

Oh, and then there's the fact that I have to go to work tomorrow... just so I can sit in front of my computer and do virtually nothing all day. (Not that I'm being lazy... there's really nothing for me to do!)

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It is all temporary and will go away. I'm sending you virtual hugs to help out ()
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I am cranky as well, brought to you in part by the letters P.M.S.

And hey this was my 400th post!!!!

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Sounds like my day... except I at least have air conditioning. Best money I ever spent. If I didn't have that in this weather.... I'd be a REALLY cranky grease ball. Not much fun to be just sitting there and sweating. I hate getting sweaty! Well just think.... it can only get better from here!

Sending good vibes your way in hopes for a better tomorrow!
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Oh hon, I hate days like that. Do you at least have a fan you can turn on you? It's not much of a help, I know, but at least it's something. I lived in the tropics with no air conditioner so I know how miserable it can be. Only thing I can suggest to cool down is soak in a tub of cool water. Make sure your torso is covered with the water, and it will lower your body tempeture. I had to do that before, and believe it or not, you will start to shiver after a while. Even when the apartment is 100 degrees.

I hope things are better for you tomorrow. Hang in there!
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It'll go away love I have days like that too- where EVERYTHING irritates me or makes me cry or want to scream for me, it's usually pms. I usually just hang out by myself and decompress by taking a nice hot shower or watching some comedies. That usually puts me in a better mood!!
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Your certainly not alone feeling like this, I have had a severe case of crankiness for a couple of days now.

The heat is also a contributing factor for me as well but it has mainly been from dealing with people who seem to think my sole purpose is to make their lives easier.

I try to keep in mind my grandmother's favorite saying...

All things pass, just give them time.
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Thanks everyone.

I just got up and I'm already covered in sweat.
Today is supposed to be even warmer than yesterday. Somebody shoot me!

So I guess I'll have to wait a bit longer before being in a better mood.
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cant shoot you. We kinda like you, and then your kitty would need a new home
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Awww Marie...Katachig is right..these are things that will go away

I hope you feel better soon!
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Originally Posted by theimp98 View Post
cant shoot you. We kinda like you, and then your kitty would need a new home
well, I'm sure the kitties would like a new home with someone less cranky right now.

Unfortunately, it seems like the heat isn't going away for at least another week. It'll keep getting hotter and more humid. Oh, and it's supposed to rain all weekend (and remain hot and humid anyways)

I hate summer. I'm ready to move on to Fall.
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I hear you! Looks like we felt the same way Sunday. Hope it's better today.
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