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Boxing Day DT

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Hope everyone had a great Christmas Day.

This morning I am off do my yearly visit to the MiL, oh joy. We have managed to get out of staying the night, as we "can't get a cat-sitter" - he he.

So, what pressies did you get?
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LOL! All my pressies were either to do with cats, computers or cooking - I guess all my friends and family know what my interestes are!
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I've got WAY too much chocolate. Since I haven't finished the 3 lb. box, from my b'day, I sent the new box home, with Mark.

Mark and Sam didn't make it, yesterday. Mark has had a case of "stupid guy syndrome". He's my kid and I love him but, when he's wrong, he's WRONG. They've worked it out, though and he stopped in, last evening.

The only thing that I have to do, today, is turn on the dishwasher. I think that I'll give my new bath spa a test run.

Rowdy likes the treat balls but, Opie thinks that treats should be handed to him. Rowdy swatted the ball and, when the treats fell out, she looked SO surprised!

Mom loves the angel that I got her and my dad got right into those imported Belgian chocolate cookies. Bill loves his new slippers - he was almost dancing in them. He's thrilled with the die-cast Corsair, too. Next year, I'll get him the UH-1. (He was a door gunner, on a Huey in Vietnam).

Hope you all had a merry Christmas and happy Boxing Day, to the Commonwealth lot.
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Oh, my Christmas was much the same - computer, food and cat related stuff. And a gift certificate for the bookstore, so I will buy "How to think like a cat".
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katl8e - Does Bill like his WW2 Aircraft? I love the German BF109 and the British Hawker Hurricane, the Spitfire comes a close second and then the US B17 and the Corsiar.
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BuNN, he just likes the Corsair. He watches "Black Sheep Squadron" on the History Channel. I'm off of it, for now. I've seen every episode, at least 3 times.

We have an air and space museum, here and they have a bunch of the old birds. The Confederate Air Force has a museum, in Phoenix and he's taking me there, when the weather's right. I've been to their national headquarters, in Midland Texas and that's a heck of a collection. George H.W. Bush is a member and they have a wonderful display, on him. They, even, have home movie footage, of his rescue at sea, in WWII.
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How cool would that be to have Christmas in TUCSON???? No snow....sun...I could deal with that! We are thinking about doing a bed and breakfast out there for our wedding

As far as Christmas goes, I guess it is time to start getting used to domestic stuff since I have a house and a fiance'! Towels, pots and pans, cookbook.....see the pattern?? lol But, they are awesome and we really CAN use them! Time to ditch the hand me downs!
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It was 58 and sunny, yesterday. After dinner, we spent about an hour, on the patio. I remember, as a kid, the "kids' table" was, usually the picnic table outside.
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Christmas was pretty quiet. We went up to my sister's house for Christmas Eve and actually had a good time. It was a slim-pickins Christmas all around as far as gift were concerned, but we did have a good time and that's what is more important. I think this was the first year that we actually sat around and TALKED to them after the prezzies were done, which was really nice. Her hubby had some idea that we were below him or something, and this year that attitude just wasn't there.

I got a really nice universal stitchery holder floor stand from hubby, so I can have both hands free when I cross stitch. I also got the Trivial Pursuit 20th Anniversary Edition from him. Went over to a friend's house last night and played that and had a great time.
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I had a great day! I was exhausted from a lack of sleep, but it was great fun to watch the little ones play with their new toys. Santa comes here too, of course. Barbie's T Bird, which Katie calls an MG, (Her daddy has an antique that he shows) and all things Barbie related
were great hits! The Jeff Gordon die cast car I got for my husband was completely outshone by a Morris Mini my son gave him. He owns and shows a Mini Everyone got great gifts, the tree was gorgeous, and it was just a wonderful family day! Today, I am just chilling.
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Well, we had a really quiet Xmas. Literally! Our friend couldn't make it up because of the storm. We opened presents with the cats, and then shortly after that we lost the electricity, and it was out most of the day. No TV, no movies, no computers, no phones (ours all have batteries. We do have a non-electricity needing phone around here somewhere in case of emergencies, but, thankfully, we didn't have an emergency, so we didn't need it!).

We maple-coated that ham and cooked it. If I remember correctly, Ryan that hates maple syrup - but I love it!

Gary and I didn't get each other presents this year. My family gives goofy silly things even though we're adults. A bag of white packing crinklies - Snowman Poo (in Gary's stuff) - although I did get another Kaleidoscope! The really fun toy this year was the mini radio controlled car (battery operated - which was perfect as we had no electricity to charge it!). We picked up all the throw rugs on the kitchen floor and had a ball with the cats with it!

I read James Herriot (finished All Things Bright and Beautiful and started All Things Wise and Wonderful), and Gary started one of the books he got for Christmas, Founding Brothers.

We took off today and tomorrow from work, so we slept in late today, munched on leftovers, clipped the cats' nails, and gave them all a bath.

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Jeff Gordon??? Did someone say JEFF GORDON??

EEK! I cannot STAND that man!!
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I got Bill a Rusty Wallace die-cast car and two Matchbox 50th Anniversary cars: Texas and Arizona.
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Who's Jeff Gordon?
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He's a race car driver with a good record, evidently.
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Oh right - thanks Jeanie!
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Oh WAAIIITTT!! I remember! He is the one that has to bump out other people to get ahead because he cannot race otherwise! And then he whines.... That's right! I forgot about him for a minute! ~
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Carrie, I don't enjoy racing at all, but my husband loves everything about racing, including collecting the cars. He's hard to buy for, so I try to please him. I don't know Jeff Gordon from Adam, but he's mentioned the name. He said he likes the car. I hope so! I think he likes Dale Earnhardt better, but the car I thought was the newest was on wait list, so I couldn't get it.
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I didn't mean anything personal by it...! Sometimes I just like to tease people who cheer for drivers different than who I cheer for
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That's what I figured! Just don't say anything about Andre Agassi! I do like Tennis.
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Ohhh..he is hot!!!!!!! I'd do him!!! ~
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Auto racing bores me to tears but, Bill raced sprint cars, back in the 70s. I have a list of his favorite drivers and buy stuff for him.

I NEVER get him A.J. Foyt stuff, though. A.J. used to send Bill upside-down, into the Salt River, at Manzanita Speedway, in Phoenix.
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