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appetite enhancers

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My cats are weird. They used to love Foster and Smith and Wellness but now they've changed their mind. I have 2 cases of Foster and Smith canned food that I'm going to have to pour tuna water over to get them to eat it and then I will never order wet food on line or from a catalog again.

I'm wondering if any of you have any ideas for appetite enhancers that I could pour, sprinkle on top of or mix with their wet food other than tuna juice. I happen to know the secret that cats food choices are influenced more by their sense of smell than their taste buds so if I can get a list of what works I can work magic to get my cats to eat high quality foods that they would otherwise turn up their noses at. I want them to eat what I put in front of them rather than them training me. I have easiest access to Petco. They don't like Nutro, they don't like Natural Balance, Avoderm is only sometimes accepted. their favorite is Purina Pro-plan chicken and liver and they eat Iams chicken.

But what are some good flavor enhancers? Chicken broth has onion powder in it so I can't use that. I already know tuna water, chicken liver powder works sometimes, what else? Bacon drippings? Rather not. Can you get creative or what works for your cats?
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Bonita flakes, or fish food flakes.
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Brewer's yeast powder from the health food store. Amazing results. 7 out of 8 of my cats respond favorably to it.
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I don't have easy access to health food stores that carry brewers yeast. I depend on public transportation so stores like Henrys and Trader Joes tend to be out of the way.

Here is my list of bribe foods that I'm going to go through while I feed the 30-40 cans that I have left. Once I run out, I'm not going to order Foster and Smith again because my cats are just too finicky.

Recently purchased:
low sodium tuna in water(I'm only using the water)
Sardines in water
Sardines in olive oil
Turkey in gravy baby food
Ham in gravy baby food
Lamb in gravy baby food

On hand:
Bonito Flakes
Feline Instincts chicken liver powder
Purina Pro-plan chicken and Liver formula to mix in with Foster and Smith.

Well, I'll let you know how it goes. I just don't get it. Foster and Smith wet food used to be my cats favorite and now they hold out for dry food, canned Iams and canned Purina Pro-Plan or Pet Gold Tuna and Crab Surimi. Wellness chicken and lobster used to be a delicacy for my cat Rosie and now she doesn't want it. There are millions of cats in the world starving that would love to eat what cat food I've got in my cupboard and my kitties, spoiled rotten overfed housecats looking at me like, "How can you feed me this crap? I'm going on a hunger strike."
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Wildside salmon crumbled

Clam juice

Cheddar cheese finely grated

if your not vegitarian ... beef stir fry meat dripping s ...
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This is a really great thread.

My non-picky babies have started becoming extremely finicky in the past few weeks!!!!
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Have you tried not feeding any Foster & Smith's/Wellness for about three or four weeks? I don't think your cats are weird, but pretty normal. Getting the same brand(s) all the time, even in different flavors, is like expecting you to eat pizza every day, just with different toppings.

After a few weeks of just Pro Plan/Iams, they'll probably welcome the Foster & Smith's again.
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Toby loves parmesan cheese.

Jcat makes a good point. They might like the F & S again after a couple of weeks of not getting it.
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