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is she in labor?

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ok, it seems to be labor day for a lot of people. this morning, i woke up and my pregnant girl won't leave me alone.if i leave the room she follows and when i don't have my hand on her, she's cryin at me. we put her in a litter pan, thats used for birthing dogs, and we carried her into our room. when i went to take a nap, she tried to burrow under me. but layed right next to my side,
i'm at work now and my boyfriend said she burrowed under our blankets and is panting and there is this white stuff around her opening. she seems to be straining for the last two hours, should we worry?
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if shes actually been straining for 2 hours i would worry, you sure it isnt contractions thats been for 2 hours? or does she seem to be really pushing down?
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Thick white discharge came out of my cat's opening.If it is two hours she has been straining i would take her to a vet.My cat had her kittens 10 mins after the discharge.
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Lady strained off and on for a few hours before she finally had her first kitten. It wasn't very often though, just at random. If you're worried, definitely call your vet. But it sounds like she's getting close, keep us updated!!
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how is everything ?
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actually about 10 mins after the post i got on the phone with my boyfriend who was at home with her, and while i was on the phone, she plopped out a water sac then her first kitten.
she had 5 healthy kittens in a two hour span. she's feeding them and thier all doing good. from what i could see, its 3 girls and two boys.
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Congratulations! I'm glad to hear everything went well!
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im so glad that everything went well.
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