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Pictures of Aurora!

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Here are some some-what recent pictures of Aurora.. about a week or so ago I think. Here ya go!!

And in Memory of her when she was just Itsy-Bitsy:

Pure white and tiny:

Eyes are starting to peek open:

I am suffering from severe heat stroke and perhaps West Nile, so I will be home often. I plan on updating some new pictures of my baby girl today, so check back to this thread often. I just need to find batteries.
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Here are the updated pictures of Aurora VS. Mojo that I just finished taking and uploading. WARNING: My bra just happened to get 'dragged' into the situation by the two of them!

Here is their story:

In the Beginning there was a young, curious Kitten Kat..

In search for a good time, she strolled past her usual boundaries..

In confusion of hunting, she came across an Ogre, and attempted to steal her meal..

She tried pulling it away quickly but it was too much of a struggle..

The poor kitten kat stopped to think a moment, realizing what curiosity had just done to her.. It made her greedy.

So, young Aurora tried to reason with the evil ogre, as perhaps they could share this meal that was fit for a king..

There was no response, so the feisty Aurora started to nibble on a miniscule corner, hoping the Ogre would realize she meant no harm..

The nibbles soon became chomps, and chomps soon became grunt-worthy mouthfuls of the tender meat..

The ogre became enraged with the young kitten, and stepped out of the cave to confront her of her greediness..

Aurora retreated to her secret weapon: Sad puppy eyes. They worked all the time!

To Be Continued..
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Continued Picture Book:

The orge was none too pleased with the young Kitten kat, so she sent her on her way with a swift swat to the bottom, hoping she would learn her lesson. And she did.

The End!!
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Can Aurora move to New Hampshire? My little Cosmo is in love
What a sweetheart and I love your story!
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Thank you! Naw.. sorry Aurora has to stay home with me, Lol, I have gone through a lot to ensure she is still with us today, so I wouldn't give her up for the world! And Thank you for enjoying the story.. I think the only Fan is the Ogre, aka MoJo. LOL
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Loved the story.
What a little sweetheart she is.
Mojo is adorable as well.
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Just a question, but why did she go from all white to so many colors?
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She ended up being ..' pointed' it is that type of coloring. Siamese, Birman, etc, are breeds of cat that do the same thing. They are born white, and darken in certain places (Nose, ears, legs, tail) with age.
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