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Labor Soon?

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Here is a pic of Marshmallow I took yesterday, what do you guys think? We had a false alarm Monday. I hope this pic comes thru, photobucket isn't working, this is imageshack....First time using it...

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She looks very close maybe a couple of days.Has her eating habits decreased any?Does she have milk in her teets? Does she have any discharge from her vagina? If you said yes to any of these then she is probably a couple of days away from giving birth.
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She doesn't have any discharge, been looking, lol...She's eating like a pig, she tore up some newspaper Monday, we thought that was it then, and she's been really lovey, the babies are really active..
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Well my cat had her kittens on saturday.She quite eating since Friday morning of last if you see any change in her eating habits.It may be a day away.
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the eating habbits can vary, they can go off there food or they can eat like crazy. they can start nesting from as early as 6 weeks sometimes they dont nest before hand, it depends on the cat. her milk can come in from 10 days or right up to the birth of the kittens. she does look very big just keep an eye on her and everything should go well.
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Definitely don't base it on her appetite... one of my girls actually ate in between kittens!
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She has eaten a 3 1/2lb bag of food in 10 days, lol...She's a pig, she's eating now...With her being a stray I have no clue how far along she is.
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I don't know what to make of this...She is so big now and the babies are very active. She's still eating, drinking, using the litterbox, but I can tell she is miserable. She can't sit right, she sits on the side of the tub and when she jumps down she squeals...She has been trying to get out of the bathroom today, before she really didn't care. Looking for a hiding spot I'm guessing, but with the dog I can't let her roam the house and have babies wherever. No discharge yet either....Any ideas....anyone?...
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With her this close, you should have her confined to a large cage or a room and don't let her be roaming around too much. She looks like she will have them in the next few days
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She's been confined to the bathroom, I don't have a cage or anything, the bathrom is huge, so she's got plenty of room in there. Just being a stray I don't know when she got pregnant...I hate to see her so uncomfortable, poor thing...
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Ok, this morning she threw up in her water bowl and I can see what looks like a kitten head or butt poking out on her side, when I held my hand there it moved....wild....She's still eating fine and using the litterbox...We are so anxious, I don't want to go off and leave her alone for long...
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Ok, I think we are close, she has a bit of discharge, looks kinda brownish, but I haven't seen any contractions and she's STILL eating like a pig, lol...Are we close now?
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2 days now and I still see a bit of discharge. She is still eating and doing cat things, no labor signs. She is huge and the babies are VERY actve...Any ideas on how much longer?
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Lady had discharge for exactly one week before she gave birth. I got up early in the morning on a Saturday and checked her and she had a ton of discharge. We were going to an auction that morning and I wasn't sure if I should go or stay with her. I ended up going (and I'm glad I didn't wait around for her). The rest of the day passed with no babies... then Sunday, then Monday, etc. We got around to the next Friday and she still had the discharge. I thought she'd NEVER have them, LOL. But it was around 5 a.m. or so the next morning when she finally had them.
And as for food, all three of the pregnant cats I've rescued this year have eaten right up to the delivery and one of the cats even ate between kittens!
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How is she doing today?
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Still nothing...I think something may be goin on today, she is very clingy but swats ya when you touch her belly. She still has some discharge, but it's not alot..The babies are kickin like crazy...She's still eating like a pig too...
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Still nothing...I got my Photobucket working again...
The first pic is her 18 days ago when we took her in. The other's are from a couple days ago....
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