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What was your cat's name?

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Forgive me if I've asked this before, but I'd love to hear what everyone's cats names used to be. When I adopted all my babies they had names and I've changed all of them.

Levi was Orion
Jordan was Grover
Isaac was Fitzgerald
Maggie was Tango

How about your babies?
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Jamie's name was Tercius/Tertius, as he was the third born.
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Calamity was called Aunt Amalia by the people in my apartment building. Shes now Calamity Jane.

Skye on her turn in papers at the shelter was Poopie.
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Scruffy was Tiger and Twix was Rascal. The rest of our cats we had from kittens and named ourselves.
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Abby was Zelda.
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I've never renamed a cat before - most of mine came unnamed so I got to choose. The only exceptions were two rexes I owned that were registered before I got them. First one was already named Desperado (Desi for short) and my first rex breeding queen was registered Dark Lady (Lady for short).

Otherwise I choose all my cat's names
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Riley was Toby at the shelter.
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Hmm, some of these I might not be able to remember

Sapphire was Sapphire and we kept it even though it doesn't fit her at all
Antigone and Pandora were Lizzie and Lacy, I can't remember which was which, maybe Eileen does?
Medusa- can't remember this one either, I'm sure Eileen remembers (got these last 3 from Eileen )
Demeter was Zippy I think, or was is Zazzy? the whole litter had Z names, that's about all I remember.
Gaia was Penny
Circe was Sofia
Nemesis was-oh crap, drawing a blank here
Poseidon was Beefcake
Hades was just Buddy, not really his name, just what they called him
Dinoysius was Grayson
Electra was Belle
and that's it!
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This is a good question. All my cats, I tried to name. Then changed. I learned that they do name themselves. Eventualy I just started calling them something else. Tweenie turned to Binks. Rome turned to Hooda. And my male cat, whom i named Sue.... well that one stook surprizingly enough. (I Thought he was female when i got him)
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Ok here they are....

Hera was Amber.
Reyah was Alice.
Thalia was Checkers.

We named Hecate, since she didn't have a name when we took her. Lucy was Miss Lucy Kitty. Since she knew her name we didn't want to change it, but we have the Greek names going, so we switched to Lucina, which is a Greek name and allows us to still call her Lucy.
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PHX's name was PHX when I got him. I liked the name, so I kept it. On his paperwork it said Sabastian.

The lady I got him from was cRaZy and kept changing his name.

(BTW: I don't say she was crazy BECAUSE she kept changing his name. She was crazy beyond that! ... seriously!)
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Misty and Claire were abandoned at 3 1/2 weeks of age and we rescued by me so they didn't have names, I got to pick and I always wanted a calico named Claire!

Pepper was named Laverne at the shelter (her sister was Shirley, who is now Gizmo).
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Kitty used to be Taz, as I found out today.

Maisie was Maisie when I got her but I think she looks like a Poppy. I don``t think I`d change her name though.
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Raven was "Daffy" as in Daffy Duck
Nabu was "Bugs" but also was named "Samantha"

Raven & Nabu had 2 homes before ending up with me. "Bugs" & "Daffy" were at the first home. "Samantha" was at the second that can barely be considered a home--they were left outside 24/7 and several pounds underweight.

Stimpy -- we don't know. He was left at the door of the shelter. He had a number while at the shelter. Mike got to name him as part of the agreement to adopt him.
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With Katie's kitties, Pandora and Antignone, were Lizzie and Lacy and Medusa was Fiona.

The only one of mine that had a name before I got her was Gracie. She was named Shanainai after the character on the TV show, Martin, that had all the attitude. It's her middle name now, 'cause she still has plenty of attitude.

I named Katie myself when I adopted her and Peter and Claire when they were still in foster care with the TNR group I used to volunteer with.
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I rescued Gizmo off the streets when he was 6 weeks so that's the first and only name he's ever had.
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Chessy was Chessy at the shelter. We didn't change his name because he had been used to it at his old home for 5 years. I think it's cute now anyway.

Mia was a stray so we named her.

I don't remember Emily's name at the shelter because my college roommate got her as a kitten and she was going to keep her.
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I rescued both my kitties as kittens so Frankie has always been Frankie. Wickett used to have a girls name (we coudln't tell he was a little boy right away) but it only lasted a few days and I don't remember it.
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This is great to read all the kitty's previous names!!

Stumpy was Genevieve - she is SO not a Genevieve. She's definitely a "Stumpy cat"

Lily was Eudora which just didn't suit the pretty little shy thing. I also prefer 2 syllable names.

Smudge was always Smudge, and she's definitely a Smudgie
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Yes, great question!

We didn't discover it until years later (buried in his paperwork), but Dylan had been named Harrison at the SPCA -- presumably after Harrison Ford. It's a nice name! But he's Dylan to us now, after one of the two or three greatest songwriters of all time.

Sassy came from the shelter where we eventually became volunteers, where her name was Sissy. My mom named her after the cat in "Homeward Bound."

At the shelter, Clyde was named Klee, after the artist. I had called him Klee every day for three weeks while I was at the shelter, so it was an easy switch for him when I gave him my father's middle name.

Abby, Clydie's feral mother, was Mona Lisa at the shelter. When it became clear that she was too feral to be adopted and too afraid of other cats to ever leave her cage at the shelter, my mom took her in. We named her after my mom's grandmother.

Pearl was named Garbo by the SPCA, from whom we adopted her at a Petco store. I've loved the name Pearl ever since I was a kid and we had a wonderful babysitter by that name.

St. John was named Bach when the shelter took him in, but we named him after what my brother called another red tabby we knew -- a wandering tom who visited our house in Austin for only a few days, but has never been forgotten. Where my brother came up with that name, even he doesn't remember!
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When we took in Mutty when I was 9, my mother named her Monique.
I hate hate hated that...so at age 10, changed it to Mutty.

Sophie was supposed to be a girl, when we found out he was a boy, we changed it to Ophie, but that didn't work out..... So his name remained Sophie.

Lily has been Lily since the day I laid eyes on her.
The woman who had been feeding her while she was an outside stray had been calling her "silly", which we found out after we named her Lily, so that was kind of a sign that her name SHOULD BE Lily.

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Ironically Summer and Chevy both kept their shelter names. I like both of them, and they seemed to already respond to them. However, if I didn't like their given names, Iwould have had no problem re-naming them, especially with some of the weird stuff they come up with sometimes.
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8-Bit ~ Lucas. After George Lucas.... it didn't fit him at all.

Scratch Fury Destroyer of Worlds ~ Rocky. He wasn't a Rocky, he'll never be a Rocky, and didn't ever look like a Rocky. I wonder what his foster Meowmy was thinking.

Dr. D Claw ~ Hendrix. I just liked my name better.
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i go by personality.

Tess is short for Goddess. she is a lil goddess, and that is actually the nicname of the woman who is going to adopt her,lol

Dugan got his name from a Celtic book, name meaning Dark one, Dark colored, and it fits him to a T,lol.

Kali, i got lazy, she is a calio, and she responded it,lol.

Sace and Uno were named before, and i havent changed them.

Bear, cause he is a big pudgy boy, and acts like a bear to the others but me,lol.

Prue, from the show Charmed, she has that personality.

Tigger, cause all he does is BOUNCE kitten like,lol and hes orange and white
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Sassy was originally named "Mary Jane" but the owner before me had changed it to Sassy, so I left it at that.

Katie's original name was "Skat" but I changed it. I liked Katie better.

And Black has always been "Black" for obvious reasons!!
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Reeses was named "Callie"...she's a calico, how original...*lol* She was actually named before we even picked her. We had a choice between her and her sister and knew that they were both Calicos. I had no idea what a Calico was, so my wife and I looked up pictures, and decided on the name right there. Then we picked Reeses based on her pictures (she was prettier than her sister) and the description of her personality.
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The only cats who came to us with names were Gryphon and Nibs, and since they were six years old it never occurred to us to suggest different names to them. All our other cats over the years have taken very little time to tell us what they wanted to be called. The only "change" was Samuel -> Samantha. Since we thought we had a little boy, when "he" said "Sam" we took it to mean "Samuel" -- we soon learned different.
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Velvet's name when she was a kitten was Topsy

Jasmine's name was origionally Jasmine...then another owner got her and called her Mia and when they brought her back to the rescue, they didn't change her name on her paperwork so i went by the origional name (which i thought she knew) so i called her Jasmine again. We didn't find out they had changed her name to Mia until a few weeks later after i had started calling her (what i thought was her origional name) again So she's back to Jasmine

Kojak i origionally named Kolar....but everyone hated that, so Colin changed his name to Kojak (i like it better )

Isabella was my foster kitten from the time she was itsy bitsy- so I named her

Fosters, our Australian Shepherd was origionally named Noah because he was found wandering down a street called Noah Lane Colin named him Fosters because it was the first Australian sounding thing that poped into his head (even though i tried to tell him Australian shepherds are from America)

Whiskey our Carolina Dog was origionally named "Digger" I HATED that name so i changed it to Whiskey to go along with out "alcohol doggie theme."
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When we adopted Roxie her name was Demi... we thought it was cute but changed it because we had already picked the name out for her.
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We adopted both our boys from the local Humane Society.

Spike was named "Martini," which I actually kind of liked, but we had already planned on adopting two cats and naming them "Spike" and "Drucilla" (after the characters on Buffy: the Vampire Slayer). We only adopted Spike at the time (no girl-kitties to name after Drucilla), and now it just sort of suits him.

Oz was named "Russell." We had wanted to get a girl-cat (this being a few months after we adopted Spike, and us still wanting to name her Drucilla), but Oz insisted on us taking him home instead, so we just continued the Buffy theme. Possible names for him included Giles, Rupert, Xander and Angelus, but none of them really "fit" the way that Oz "fit." And he just didn't seem like a "Russell" to us, y'know?
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