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I had all 3 kitties cuddling me last night!!!

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I woke up a bit before 3am and discovered Smudge was stretched out against my chest and Stumpy was curled up against my feet. Then about 10 minutes later, Lily came in as well!

They all shuffled around a bit and Stumpy ended up behind my legs, with Lily in front of my legs stretched out, and Smudge still leaning against my chest all stretched out.

It was sooooo cute!! I don't remember the last time all 3 kitties cuddled with me!

Then about an hour later I was still wide awake and ridiculously uncomfortable... My legs were completely pinned down and I couldn't move. Not only did I have the 3 kitties, but DH was behind me as well kind of leaning on me so I couldn't even move backwards a bit!

Eventually I realised I had to move. Unfortunately Lily was in the worst spot, so I patted her, which always gets her up She moved closer to my head for a snuggle session with me, then jumped off

Then I moved Smudge a bit and she left as well

I FINALLY had space!!!!! Then not long after that, Stumpy also decided to move. I finally had the bed to myself again! Only then DH cuddled up to me and flung an arm and leg over me and put his head on MY pillow so I was stuck again

It's funny how exciting it was to have all 3 kitties cuddling me until I remembered how uncomfortable it was
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Nothing makes me smile as much as waking up to 4 kitties curled up with me, but then just like you I usually can't fall back asleep.
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I'm so jealous!!!! My kitties aren't very good friends and tend to need to be several feet apart.
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i know that one WELL!!!!,lol

every night i have Uno, Kali, Dugan, Tess and Bear on me at about 10pm. everytime i have to turn over, i have conditioned myself to feel for kitties so no one gets squished,lol. sometimes i put them on the floor. Then i have about 10 seconds to move before i get pinned down again,lol
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I don't have to worry about that in the summer. I have a waterbed and I keep the temperature constant all year, so it's a great place for my cats in the winter, but come summer they are sprawled out on glass tables, or the floor or the top of the deep freezer trying to keep cool.
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