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female question

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I know that some of you are on the depo provera, like I am. I went to my family dr. yesterday for another reason, and when they weighed me I was shocked to learn that I gained close to 15 lbs over the last year. I know it is the shot, because I think I eat fairly well, and have been downsizing my soda intake and fat intake. So, now I am thinking of switching over to maybe the pill. I just am wondering for those of you who switched to another form (pill, patch), did the weight drop off of you once you went off the depo?
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I just switched to the pill about a month and a half ago, so I can't really say how much will drop how fast. I can tell you what my Dr. said. She said that she has stayed at the exact same weight for years and years...since late high school, until she took Depo. She said in 6 months she gained 10 pounds, and it took about a year after she stopped Depo to drop that weight.
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Were you on the depo as well? How long did you have to wait til the pill took effect?
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With most pills, you have to take them at the same time every day or night for 7 consecutive days before it takes effect. You will need to use another method along with it for that first week to prevent pregnancy.
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I know when I talked to my gno when I was going to switch last year or so, she was going to have me start taking them about a month before my next shot was due. So, say I go a few days to see her after I get my next shot (which is within a week or so), and I do decide to take the pill, and if she tells me to start taking them a month before the next shot WOULD be due, would I still have to worry or not? Or would I be fine, since I'd still have a month to go before my next shot would've been due? Kind of a confusing question, huh?
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Well, I'm no gynocologist, so my opinion isn't worth much, but it doesn't seem to me like it would be a very good idea to be on both things at once! I mean I would think you should let the depo get completely out of your system before taking the pill! I know after I had Amber and went back on birth control, I tried the patch for one month, but didn't like it very well and wanted to go on the pill again, but my doctor said I had to finish using that first month of the patch and then start the pill the following week after my period. I only had to wait one week before the pill was effective.
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As to losing the weight that depo caused you to gain, from my experience: good luck! I took depo for about 4 years and over that period of time, I gained about 40 lbs. I quit depo about 3 years ago, and that weight has yet to fall off. I eat 3 meals a day, not very many sweets at all, no soda, etc. It seems as though this is going to be my regular weight unless I make a dramatic effort.
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It's disgusting isn't it, Deb?
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You could say that and not be exaggerating......

I remember at first they said there would be a little weight gain. I swear, every time I went for the next shot I had gained more. This went on for 4 years.
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*mental note to self* No Depo EVER! EEK!
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You got that one right, sister.
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Depo made me have major mood swings! As if I didnt have enough problems~ geez~~~~~~

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I have to say that I LOVED Depo, once I got past the initial 3 months which my Dr. warned me about - major mood swings! The only reason I switched was because my new insurance wouldn't cover one cent of it, and I can't afford $92 for each shot.

I was on it for about 5 years, and I switched when my next shot was due. My Dr. didn't say anything about worrying about pregnancy during the switch. Depo is one of those that hangs in your body for quite a while even after the last shot, they say it can take up to 9 months after your last shot before you should try to get pregnant.

As for the weight gain, I did gain on it but I can't attribute all of my gain to Depo. In fact, I actually lost 40 pounds over the past year even being on the Depo.

My Dr. did tell me some real interesting things about Depo when I was in talking about switching. She said in the normal cycle, there is a big shot of progesterone right before your period (which is also what causes the PMS). Depo is a constant flow of progesterone, so it's basically keeping your body in a constant state of PMS (her words). That's why those first three months are hellacious. She also said that she will not start anyone over the age of 21 on Depo because of those side effects. Apparently the effects aren't that bad in young women, but are much worse as you get older and the hormones balance out.
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Well, I was about 38 when I began taking it. I had zero mood swings, but I don't normally PMS anyway....or maybe it's because I am universally in a bad mood....who knows?The other gigantic plus (+++) was that I had no periods at all while I was on it, and it took about 9 months after to begin again. (I was hoping and praying for no more ever, but no dice). As I think we discussed before, the periods that came after were no treat whatsoever. It took about 2 years for that mess to calm down to something that approached normal.
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I just wish I had had my tubes tied. And I WOULD have had I known I would have been having a c-section, I would have had them do it right then and there while they had me open. I really messed up there. It isn't very safe for a woman over 35 to be on the pill, especially if you smoke (which I do) and most other forms of birth control like the patch etc have the same hormones as the pill and aren't safe for me either. I think I will have my tubes tied in a couple years.
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Sorry to butt in, but I was just having a browse. I have heard about depo and didn't think it sounded good to me. In Australia, we have a new thing called "Implanon". It is an implant about the size of a match that is put into your upper arm and stays there for 3 years. I have had no side effects at all except for being a bit moody in the first week. The best thing about it is, that if you do get side effects, or want to go off birth control, they just take it out and you go back to normal in about a day. You should check it out. I have been so happy with mine I have told several friends to give it a try.
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Isnt that the same thing as Norplant? I have heard bad things about Norplant.
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Not sure if it is. This one is European. It is honestly the best thing I have done. I was on the pill for 13 years before it. It is much safer as it doesn't have the same hormones as the pill. No more rememebering to take the pill...phew...and it's cheaper too. $22 is all it cost and the insertion was free!!!!!
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I am really interested in hearing more about this implant...do you know if there is a website about it? It sounds great! is there no weight gain with it, then? That always worries me.

Tigger, what are the bad things you have heard about Norplant? I'm just curious, I don't know anyone who is on that.
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I kept meaning to have mine done....and then all of a sudden the insurance didn't cover it anymore. Bad move on my part. Procrastination will be the death of me.
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You mean your insurance wouldn't cover having your tubes tied? Why? Is there a time limit or what? It seems like they should cover it! It would cost them alot more if you got pregnant!!!!
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Originally posted by peugeot

Sorry to butt in, but I was just having a browse. I have heard about depo and didn't think it sounded good to me. In Australia, we have a new thing called "Implanon". It is an implant about the size of a match that is put into your upper arm and stays there for 3 years. I have had no side effects at all except for being a bit moody in the first week. The best thing about it is, that if you do get side effects, or want to go off birth control, they just take it out and you go back to normal in about a day. You should check it out. I have been so happy with mine I have told several friends to give it a try.

Don't apologize! Welcome! We are happy to have your comments. Wouldn't be much of a discussion otherwise. Here in the U.S. we do not have access to many of the birth control options that other women in the world have. Our FDA (Food and Drug Administration) is very slow to approve new medications in this area.
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This was awhile back...like when Allie was born. At the time, I was on ex-hubby's insurance. For a long time, the HMO covered a tubal 100%. Then all of a sudden they stopped.
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It was only approved by the government at the end of 1999. It is now funded by them mainly meaning, it costs about $250 but the government pays most of it so it only costs you, the implantee, $22. I figure it must be OK in that case lol. I don't think many people know about it here yet. It took some time to find a doctor who knew how to do it. It really is fantastic. Was uncomfortable for the first 24 hours but that's it. I do know of some people that have had problems with it though. Don't really know of a site, but if you put "implanon" in a search engine, you should find some stuff.

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Hi all, it's been so long since I've written, how is everyone?

I've been on the pill for 8 years and have recently tried the depo (I'm 22.). The first three months were great *no period* but after the second shot I started spotting. After two months of spotting I went to the doctor and he gave me another shot(one month early). But that didn't stop the spotting, it kept happening. So I went back on the pill. The best thing about the pill is it's health benefits, not only the no pregnancy thing. Lower risk of all these cancers and stronger bones, etc., etc.

I asked my doctor about Norplant, not really wanting iron bars implanted in my arm, and he said that it is three to five bars (I think) implanted in your arm and it slowly releases stuff to stop you from getting pregnant for up to five years but because it is a foreign object, the body immediatly starts putting scar tissue around it to protect your body from it, eventually making it almost impossible to remove. Plus, it doesn't have any of the health benefits that the Pill has.

I also asked him about the patch and he said it wasn't available yet(This is Canada), but if I wanted to be a guinea pig for the medical company trying to get it out to the public, I could get it for free, as long as I agreed to submit to all their...examinations (eek!) So of course I said no. That also might not have the health benefits either.

On a more personal note... I have had absolutely no sex drive for years (and I'm 22) and I've been thinking it's because of all these added hormones. But all the other options aren't very pretty, so I guess I'm sticking with the pill. It's not that hard to remember to take it especially with hubby asking me every morning before we go to bed if I remembered to take it (what a sweetie). And it's on my bedside table too, that helps.
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Implanon sounds way different to Norplant. With Implanon, there is only one implant and it seems to be made from some type of plastic. You can't actually see it once it's in your arm unless you flex your bicep and then you can see a little but I don't think anyone else would notice unless you pointed it out. My flatmate likes to have conspiracy theories that it is some sort of government tracking device and they are experimeting on me lol (I think he watches too much of the X-Files) :tounge2: He told me next time I have to take Peugeot to the vet that I should get him to scan me with the microchip scanner and see what comes up!!!!!!
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Here's some info on Norplant complications:

Some complications that women using Norplant commonly experience include acne, headaches, weight change and breast tenderness. Norplant also increases the risk of functional ovarian cysts. Although these cysts usually dissipate spontaneously and do not require surgery, they can cause abdominal pain. The most widely experienced dissatisfaction is irregular menstruation: "In the first year of use about 75 percent of Norplant users report some irregularity in menstruation, from amenorrhea to excessive bleeding" (NOBOS, 291). The synthetic progesterone contained within Norplant imposes an artificial control over the menstrual cycles and women are often upset by the sporadic bleeding that results.

You can read the whole article at this site:


Here are the complications with Implanon:

The commonest side effects associated with Implanon are irregular periods, weight gain, acne, headache and breast tenderness. As with other hormonal methods of contraception, many of the effects will improve in time. Most women have regular periods after the first year, but around one-third of women still have irregular bleeding, which can be heavy and frequent, although this is less common. Some women lose their periods completely. It is wise to expect some change in your periods initially.

Rarer side effects include hair loss, mood changes, change in libido, abdominal pain and painful periods.

You can read the rest of the article here:


As you can see, Norplant and Implanon have almost the mirror image in regards to side effects.
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I thought a few years ago, there was a few women involved with a lawsuit regarding Norplant?
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Not sure about that Tigger. There are side effects involved with everything. I was lucky and didn't get any. The good thing about Implanon, is if you do get the side effects, you just go back and get it taken out. Each person will react differently so do what is best for you.
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I think I will just take the pill for two more years and hope I don't die (since the risk for women over 35 who are on the pill of having heart attacks or strokes is quite high, and even more so if you smoke, which I do some) and then go in and have my tubes tied. Part of me would LOVE to have another baby, but since I am 37 now, and we can barely afford one child, I don't think this is feasable anyway, so I might as well get my tubes tied. This is just depressing for some reason.
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