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RIP Princess

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I posted last week about a kitty in our rescue that wass having severe behavior problems since we adopted out her brother. Well this saturday she was put to sleep.

Princess hadnt come out from under the bed of her foster mom all week. She wasnt eating, just laying under the bed yowling, pooping and peeing under the bed. Everytime she tried to grab her she would try to bite her. So several of the ladies that had fostered her in the past came to her current foster moms house and they managed to catch her.

They brought her into the vet. The vet sedated her first so they could pet her a few more times. And then they put her to sleep. She was miserable and she didnt have any quality to her life anymore. She was just so scared and stressed out there was nothing anyone could do to help her.

She died surrouneded by all the people who had tried to help her and who had loved her no matter what she did to them.

RIP Princess run and play happily forever.
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Rest in Peace, Princess.

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I'm sorry to hear it.
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Poor Princess! Was it not possible for her to go with her brother?

Rest in peace sweetie
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Awww..RIP Princess.

Sorry to hear that.
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Im so sorry to hear that.

RIP Princess
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Poor baby

Have a wonderful time over at the bridge Princess. You won't be miserable or scared there
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Originally Posted by Jaffacake View Post
Poor Princess! Was it not possible for her to go with her brother?

Rest in peace sweetie
Thanks guys. No it wasnt possible for her to go to her brother. They had been seperate for about 6 months. They wouldnt have remembered each other plus his owners couldnt take another cat.
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I'm so sorry, may your sweet Princess now rest in peace and be forever happy and healthy again.
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I am sorry for your loss...I can relate atm unfortunately.
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