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I have 4 more foster kittens!

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So I now have 4 semi feral foster kittens. Mom was feral caught to TNR but she escaped into the rescue cordinators garage the night she brought her in. We arent sure how. She managed to escape capture until last week.

So she was pregnant when she was caught and had 6 kittens. Two were either stillborn or died shortly after the remaining 4 are sickly little babies. They have bad URI's and have had it for awhile. They cant seem to shake it.

So it was decided I would get these babies instead of the ones I was supposed to get because they need more work before they are adoptable. They are 11 weeks old and the size of 8 week old kittens. Poor little guys just arent healthy and never have been.

They were already named when they came. They are
Tenessee (only male) Brown tabby about twice as big as his sisters. Hes the healthiest.

Fig brown tabby (looks just like Ten but tiny) shes the friendliest she actually purrs when I pet her!

Berry blue tabby very pretty little girl is the smallest and the sickest. Shes very weezy.

Cookie chocolate tabby (her stripes are light brown) shes the prettiest IMO shes pretty frienldly too unless I try to hold her.

Their eyes are really yuky and goopey. I hope they clean up soon. My computer died at home so I cant download pics. But Im gonna try and stop by Walmart and get them on a disk if I can so you all can see them. They really have cute faces. Really round and adorable bug eyed babies. LOL
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I hope you are able to nurse the little ones back to health. Can't wait to see pictures!
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Poor babies, I hope you are able to nurse them back to health and get them adopted out into wonderful homes! They sound just so cute, I can't wait to see some pics of them if you are able.
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Awww, poor babies. I'm glad they're in your care now. Sending lots of vibes for the little ones.
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